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Sylvester Todd

Fumbling and Mumbling through the woods

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*Footsteps on gravel and dirt, to crunching leaves and the sounds of marching in mud, all that's heard for a long while is walking and sometimes faint mumbling and sighs*

*eventually the mumbling becomes coherent enough to be understood*


I miss it

Not just Chernarus

What I used to be

Back when people were confused

Groups were few

We could do anything 

Travel with anyone

When people like me had a place in the world

Soon enough we'll be obsolete...

People are organized, making homes, starting to live again

Not scrape their way through everyday life like they used to

Hoarding weapons and food, fearful of people they met

And its not just that I'm last years model

Its that it doesn't feel the same

Cutting into folks, robbery, just scaring people and turning them into mincemeat

But it's all we can do, we're no good for nothin' else

Its not the same....

Back in the early days when my people were loyal, fight to the last breath, take no prisoners kind of people

Everyone's gone soft

Even us

You don't get excited like you used to

We've probably already faded from memory

And we've been here longer than most..

Wonder if people tell stories about us..

Probably not

Wonder whose the new terror out there

Which of our pals are still out there

Hopefully they ain't turned into backstabbers out there

Knowing your luck half of them are

We can count on Larry though


We'll see soon enough

You been out of the loop so I don't know whats happened to the crew

Probably fell apart

Shit always falls like dominoes

Soon as One person goes, the rest follow.

No loyalty

All the originals are dead or gone,

and you're among the last few real Clowns out there

Some of the replacements were good though

Though its rare to find someone who can actually be a real clown

Fill those empty shoes

Rick, Kyle, Murdoch, Tree, Doc, even fuckin' Clayton and Titus.

Wonder what T's up to. He's literally the only other real clown out there.

He's too hard to corpse.

Once a clown always a clown, what a joke.

Basically none of the replacements were ever clowns,

Cept for a handful

Screw it all anyways

We'll be back home soon enough

If we're going the right way

I gotta say I miss those losers

Not too late to start again though

*The mumbling becomes more faint and less comprehensible*

*jumping from subject to subject eventually becoming silent grumbling and the occasional curse*

*And then to nothing but silence except for the sound of footsteps hitting the forest floor*




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*Jack presses down on the PTT *

"Todd! Is that really you? You need to listen to your ra-

*Static would cut in before the transmission finishes*

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