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[JOURNAL] Reggie Rhys-Davies - What New Beginning?

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Hey, hey, hey guys! I am the player or... actor which ever term this server prefers - of my character named Reggie Rhys-Davies. I haven't played DayZRP a lot although I should for it gives me the opportunity to make some real class stories compared to this short "journal story". With little time on DayZRP, I have a long way before I get settled into groups and events etc... but why haven't I done that yet? Well it's all down to the character so let's get right to it. My two previous stories are linked below since it's been a while!...


*Beside some torn fabric which looks like remnants of a coat pocket, you find a small notebook which unfortunately has one entry.*


I think I've been running back and forth between the north of the country for half a year now... or almost. Travelling up here is not as simple as the coast and I have lost my third map after an infected ripped open my pocket while chasing me and every noise I hear is out to get me. There's a lot more infected in-land than I anticipated but they're nothing I can't handle. It's the people that frighten me the most. I sometimes pass groups that dress up as the soldiers that attacked my apartment and my news team but now they just offer a friendly chat and a trade. Never understood people these days.


I sometimes find myself in so-called communities, gathering around in the middle of no where or a city without walls anymore and the infected 200m out doing the same shit as that group I ran into once. Not giving a damn and on their merry way. Long time ago, I found myself sharing a car ride with some strangers who talked about weddings and real mail service going about the country. And get this... there's a karaoke night somewhere I've probably never been to.


*Some gibberish and curse words are scribbled out.*


What is the deal with this sort of shit? One minute we're getting by on our separate ways... killing each other... stealing from each other. And the next minute, we're playing some damn pretend world where civilization is back on track. How do I respond to this? Is this truly the people taking the world back or has everyone lost it? Or have I lost it? I've been looking for my friend still since the outbreak but then I've began to notice, despite the miles I have travelled by foot, I have no leads and my radio has no batteries and yet I tell myself "hey, let's head to these next three towns and hope for the best?"


With or without these companies, I'm wandering about aimlessly.



Reggie Rhys-Davies Background

Reggie Rhys-Davies - The New Capital

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