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Whitelist test fail.

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Why the verdict is not fair: It is fair to a point......

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:  The first time I failed I winged it. Trying to see how the server rules aligned with past roleplaying servers. However, after this attempt any taking the test alittle more seriously I still failed. Sometimes due to simply reading the question wrong and sloopy reading, i.e.  -SNIPED FOR WHITELIST QUESTION- and sometimes by ambigous questions. So, not making excuses but I would appriciate another try. 

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Get another chance to get whitelisted.

What could you have done better?: Pass the test.

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Posting whitelist question

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Hi Blom

We have looked over all of your whitelist attempts. In five attempts you had in total 22 questions wrong.
Some questions you answered wrong several times, or you chose absolutely ridiculous answers, which if you would have read the rules, you would have known the correct answer.

Because of the amount of important questions you had wrong, we cannot allow you to play here.
We have the right to deny you access to our Servers and to the Community.
You might find five chances not enough and our process unfair but we have the duty to protect our playerbase to maintain the quality of roleplay on our Servers and to protect the players from people who do not understand the rules.
Rule 4

Dont create any other accounts as they will be banned as well.

Appeal denied

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