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Mack James, laying inside his tent, staring upwards, hears the transmission from New Moon declaring war on the Horsemen. He puts in his two cents and then continues listening, hearing static. Then he remembers. Fox. Holy shit, Fox. He leans over and rustles through his bag, finding an old note with a frequency scribbled on it. He takes his radio, tunes into said frequency, and presses down the PTT. It sounds as if he is whispering.

"Fox. It's... well, you know who it is.

I don't know how you, or your friends, rather, did it... but it seems that the entire world just turned on you. I thought that you and New Moon were allied against us? Besides the point. Anyway, I know you are all capable fighters, but I would reckon that you might have bitten off just a tiny bit more than you can chew here. I mean, Izaak's got capable fighters too. Shit, they've got Brandon on their side. That dude isn't human when he's got a rifle in his hands. Saved my life more than a few times.

I'm getting off track. I know that we're on opposite sides of the coin right about now, but I'm not one to leave friends in a bind. If you continue fighting this war, against a combined force that is headed to your doorstep; you're gonna lose. You might just lose your life.

So, I thought I'd extend an offer. You stay with us for a while. We've got numbers, we can keep you safe, and I don't think too many people are actively at war with us at this moment... besides you guys, of course. Once this all blows over, we go our seperate ways, or whatever you wanna do.

I do apologize for being on the wrong side of the fence. I hope you can understand why I fight, what I fight for. Something better for everyone in the end.

Stay safe, Fox."

He releases the PTT and peers out of the tent, making sure nobody was awake to hear the transmission.




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*Fox wakes up from hearing Mack's voice on her frequency. Surprised about him keeping the frequency for that long, she rubs her eyes while listening to what he has to say. After Mack has finished, she sits up in her bed, looking to an empty spot in her bed where Charlie would usually sleep. She leans her head against the wall and stares at the ceiling for a little while, wondering about if this might be a trap. She takes out the necklace Danny gave her and starts playing with it and thinking about what to respond. She finally grabs her radio from next to her pillow and pushes down the PTT*

Mack, I.. I mean you..

*She sighs*

I want peace. I don't want this fight to go on anymore. I caught several bullets the past couple of days. I just want to live. To be honest, I don't know how that happened.. I'm enemies with people I used to be friends with, and friendships are getting torn apart by a stupid war.
If I keep fighting this war, I will die. That is a fact. I am not weak, I know how to fight, well, for my age, I guess. But I don't know why all these things keep happening, I don't know reasons for anything anymore and I don't know what plans people make to defeat us. It is getting worse and worse, every day. Every day I see my friends getting hurt. I got hurt pretty bad and can't fight properly.

*She looks down at the bandage on her left arm where two bullets went through her flesh and frowns*

I remember when I was with the renegades and you with Outrun, I think. We got told to capture Josh, so we did. Later on, when he asked for something to drink, I went to the well with him, we were alone. He said I could let him go and I could even go with him and Outrun could protect me.
I was thinking of it, I was close to letting him go, but then someone came up and, well, it was too late to make a decission.
This whole thing kinda reminds me of that.

I'm getting tired of fighting all day long. But what am I to my friends if I leave them in this? They might understand, but what if not?

*She takes a short break*

What if this is a trap? I don't know who to trust anymore, Mack.
I.. I should get some more sleep, my arm hurts like hell. I will think about it and come back to you tomorrow when I wake up.

*She releases the PTT for a second but realises she forgot to say something and presses it again*

We all fight for something, I guess I slowly understand why you fight. That doesn't mean I completely agree with you.
Anyways, talk to you when I wake up.

*She releases the PTT and slowly lays back down on her back to stare at the ceiling until she slowly falls asleep again*


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