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Guest Forsakenmustard

Story of my life (not done yet)

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Guest Forsakenmustard

Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read my story even tough it isn't finished yet.

Please, feel free to say what you think of it so far!


Name: SGT. "DirtDiver" Smith ID 341567235

Age: 24

Occupation: Unknown (The Unit )

Mother and Father: Molly Blane & Jonas Blane

Other family: Unknown

Height: 187 cm

Weight: 80 kilograms

I was born in Massachusetts, U.S.A, my mother died when she gave birth

to me and my dad used to talk about her all the time.

We used to live in Massachusetts but we moved when i was three years old,

i guess my old man couldn't take it with all the memories of mum.

So me and my old man had to move arround alot because of his military

career, always new bases, new faces, new memories...

The last place we ever moved to was Fort Griffith, located northwest of Pine Bluff.

I still remember the day when my dads friend, Doyle, came to our house. In a

black car with the U.S flag in his hands, I had a really hard time to understand what was going on..

Doyle told me what had happen. Even tough he had to keep the secrets

within this unit, he still told me. Ii guess knowing that my father died like a hero

made everything a little easier but still, that wasn't the birthday present i expected

on my 10th birthday...

There i was, 10 years old with no mother or father to take care of me.

I got adopted by a couple named Cole and Monica Bowens, I cant really say that they were

good foster parents, when both of them got drunk every single day. Which always ended in a

senseless beating.When I graduated junior high at 15 years of age, me and my friend Ryan stole

what became my first car. It was a Dodge charger 69 hemi.

The years passed by and I barely made it through high school. Trouble always seemed to find me,

even though I wasn't looking for it. I do have to admit that I enjoyed the fights that I kept

"falling" into. The adrenaline sure is a better drug than the other ones that I care to admit.

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