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About Citizenship

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I'm in the process of making a new character, one that would have been born in the US and managed to get citizenship in Chernarus for his own reasons (I think the route I want to go down is that this character would have settled down and married a Chernarussian woman, if that grants one citizenship.) How does gaining citizenship in Chernarus work?

For anyone that knows or has done this, how long does it take to lose your accent after moving to another country? Do you lose it completely? Does it differ, case-by-case?


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Marriage usually grants citizenship like you said

and I think my mum lost her accent after about 3ish years, it varies from person to person

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I believe marriage would get someone citizenship but im not 100% on that, as for the accent I think its more case by case. I have some friends who have lost their accents entirely a year or two after moving to another country and others who still have it 5+ years later though that could be due to being around others who still have the strong accent, so I think its for sure a case by case thing.

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whaddup Fidel, it's your boy Community Helper Cipher trying to answer your question

So this is completely reaching here, but considering that the map of Chernarus/South Zagoria is almost entirely based on an area of the Czech Republic, I thought it might make sense to just copy their citizenship process as well.

Quoted directly from justlanded.com:



Citizenship law is quite complicated. As a rule of thumb, you need to have at least one parent who is a Czech citizen or who holds a Residency Permit to become a Czech citizen yourself. 

If this is not the case, you may apply for naturalisation, under the following conditions. You must

have held a Residency Permit for at least five years and have spent most of that time in the Czech Republic

prove that you are going to give up your current citizenship

prove that you are proficient in the Czech language (this is done by an interview at the local application office)

provide a criminal history record stating that there has not been a sentence for any criminal act within the last five years 

The application has to be filed at a local office of the Ministry of the Interior.


Special rules apply for the cases listed below. They will also have to lose their current citizenship, prove their proficiency of Czech and provide a clean criminal history. However, they don't need to have a Residency Permit. These cases include people

born in the Czech Republic

who have lived in the Czech Republic for at least 10 years, without interruption

adopted by a Czech national

who have been a Czech citizen before

who have Czech children

who have at least one Czech parent

officially acknowledged as refugees in the Czech Republic 

When you are granted Czech citizenship you will get a Certificate of Czech Citizenship.


Hope this helped

Contact your local Support Member Cipher for any other questions

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As Cipher gave a very nice answer for the citizenship, i will not comment that, however, id like to add this is chernarus not Czech Republic, I do not think there currently any "citizenship" rules, but you could ask a loremaster and they hopefully have an answer,  also, hopefully they can answer here so we have a standard to go after?


As for accent, it is a case by case. Some lose it quick, some never do, so it is up to you if you want to have one or not.

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