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The Elder Scrolls Megathread (W.I.P)

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Since I couldn't see an Elder Scrolls Megathread I thought I would create one myself. This thread can include information from all Elder Scrolls games (Arena, Daggerfall, Redguard, Battlespire, Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, ESO, Legends)

Brief Lore

Originally, before there was life there was nothing but the Et'Ada. These Et'Ada created the mortal plane Mundus. The gods that helped form this plane and put their bodies and soul into it were called the Aedra (Translates to "Our Ancestors") but there were some who chose not to link their bodies to the Mundus plane. These are called Magna-Ge. Instead of linking their bodies to Mundus, the Magna-Ge tore holes to get into Aetherius after the creation of Mundus. These tears are now seen as stars. And then there were the Et'Ada that didn't have anything to do with the creation of Mundus and instead made their own plane of existence known as Oblivion. These are now known as Daedra (Translates to "Not Our Ancestors"). Since the Daedra didn't have anything to do with the creation of Mundus and didn't link their bodies to that plane of existence, they can take physical forms there and meddle with the lives of mortals.


If you wish to contribute to the lore on this thread, just start your paragraph off with

Lore Additions

And I will add them when I check the thread.

You can discuss anything to do with TES in this thread, it isn't limited to just lore

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