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CJ (Private Frequency)

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*Emily Stares in front of her ready to begin her radio transmission, pressing the transmit button soon after. *

“Hello there CJ. Since we kind of are on bad terms and probably never going to get on friendly terms I’m offering a little chat. I was thinking of the barn in between Zelenogorsk and Sosnovka. Meet me there.”

“Before we do meet up, let’s state our agreements first. I don’t want to come over to hear some shitty demands I will never agree on. For me it’s just a way of knowing what you want from the FireFlies. That’s all.”

*After releasing the transmit button she stands up and sighs. Throwing the radio at Louie who listened into her call.*


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*CJ is currently boiling the kettle to brew his cup of tea, apon hearing the radio broadcast he picks up the radio*

*He presses down the PTT and talks with a calm tone*

"Well... Emily... You sure took your time. Its a shame from the amount of blood has been spilt for you to take me seriously and try contact me"

*He pauses for a few seconds*

"You see... I will allow one meeting... One meeting 1 on 1. No violence no matter what is said. But to have this talk for you to voice your opinions and try to sell your self and your group to me there are some conditions and terms"

*CJ pauses and scratches his head*

"Firstly You must come alone, I will come alone too."

"Secondly the only men in the surrounding area's will belong to me. If we see anyone who isn't associated with me. I will count this meeting as an ambush. nothing more."

"Thirdly you must not tell anyone about this meeting... to avoid possible interruptions"

"If you follow these steps me and you will be able to have a face to face discussion unharmed. Where no matter what you say to me, I will promise no harm will come to you. Deny our demands, negotiate them, do what ever. Obviously I have my goals, but they will not be discussed over a frequency that might be compromised"

"I will send a pigeon with the time of the meeting soon don't you worry *He chuckles*"

*CJ turns and accidentally spills boiled kettle water on his jeans and groans in pain ending the broadcast*


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*Louie giggles hearing CJ on the radio*

"yeah i am going to let my gal walk down to you without any guns, you must think we are damn stupid, listen here we want a compromise we are not here to sells ourselves what do ya think were some sort of brothel ?  now get off yer high horse your starting to sound like the pony fuckers". 

* Louie turns the radio off and chuckles* 



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*CJ Has just put on a fresh pair of jeans and picks up the radio once more*

"Okay, Meeting is off then, Obviously you have not learnt your previous lessons.. Big dick over the radio as much as you want"

"I will not compromise with immature cretins. Good day sir, Hope you have strong legs. Keep on running."

*CJ releases the PTT*

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*Emily takes back the radio from Louie and sighs.*

"Well, I guess it's off then."

*She looks over to Louie.*

"Remember that time in berenzino, when we accidently met up. Well let's just say you don't seem brave enough to fight louie on your own, so i guess that's why you wanted to meet me alone with all of your men pressent and not mine."

*She rolls her eyes at Louie.*

"Well... Whatever."

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*Hearing the negotiations going south, Max scrambles for his radio, fumbling it in his hands and it clatters to the floor. "Fucking moron" he shouts to himself, grabbing the radio and jamming the battery pack back into the case.*

"CJ, it doesn't have to be this way. Louie won't let her go and he shouldn't, he doesn't trust you and with a good reason. There's too much at stake for the Fireflies to lose their leader. But I am expendable. We can meet, I'll agree to any location and time, I will come alone and unarmed if necessary. You mentioned compromise, you want something from them and you're willing to negotiate to get it, where's the value in a dead diplomat? 

If they don't want to meet with you and risk their leader, they can risk me. I have ties to both sides and can be trusted to convey all messages. No more violence is necessary CJ, we understand."

*Max slumps heavily against the barn wall and lets out a rattly sigh before switching off his radio*

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*Spades, sick of hearing this bullshit stops spooning out the remains of a skull to use as a bowl and grabs the radio, smearing it with brains and blood then licking his fingers clean before pushing the PTT*

"CJ, can i just eat his rabble of nobodies already and be done with this? They are clearly already running in fear, about time you finished the job"

"If not stop disturbing my work, sick of hearing you soft little puppies having handbags at ten paces, may i suggest a one on one knife fight to the death?"

*Spades, with a taste for blood and overcome with craving for flesh puts his own pinky in his mouth and bites hard down, a crunching and tearing sound can be heard along with a harrowing roar, he drops the radio and begins to tear off the remainder of his own finger overcome with satisfaction at the horror of the wound*

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*hears the tail end of a knife fight request Kirov replies after taking de radio forme Louie.*

"Hey I'm down for like mabby friendly sportsmanship knife fight or are you wanting to kill because I'm all for getting a little stabby stabby if we have a reff near by with some good drugs. And mabby some rags for de bleeding."

*hands it back to de louie*

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*Spades hearing the acceptance of his challenge takes off his backpack and empties it on the floor, dodging the assorted sharp objects and spots the radio, eagerly picking it up and pressing the PTT*

"To whoever this little girl is that continues to antagonise my friends and I, it will take more than some drugs and rags to save you now. I will cut your heart out with a spoon and eat it while the blood still pumps. Name the time and place and we will see how good your skills are with a blade"

*Spades picks up his blade and sharpening stone, kicks back against a tree and awaits a reply*

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