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Aggravated Ruleplay Appeal

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Why the verdict is not fair: As far as I can see the reason that I was hit with a aggravated ban is because of people within the group stating  "Stop the attitude or I'll blow your brains out" and "Stop laughing or you'll die". None of these statements were said by myself, but of others within the group so why am I getting punished for what others have done? Would also like to add after talking with some others that I feel that this ban was really heavy handed with the way it was dealt and I fail to see a legitimate reason as to why this ban is aggravated.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: As far as I was concerned I was within my rights to shoot the man, they were informed to drop all there weapons and he didnt, you can see in the video that he mouses over it multiple times, knowing it was there he chose to keep it ultimately dying. 

Also, at the time I got slapped with a ban was smack dab in the middle of a hostage situation after me and some others initiated on a guy. A little heads up would be nice in the future. 

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Ether ban and points removed or reduced to a normal RDM or Ruleplay ban.

What could you have done better?: Not went and killed the man straight of the bat I guess, maybe using torture or whatever to get the point across.

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Hi Poro

A new team of Staff has looked over the report and the verdict. While the OP stated that he was only told to drop his gun, in the Report it was said that he got told to drop all his weapons. 

The inititation of the situation was not recorded in the video. Do you or anyone of the involed people have a recording of it?

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Not to my knowledge no

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Hi Poro

After discussing your case and reading the orignal report, watching the existing video as well as reading the verdict, we will explain our decision to you:

Sadly the recording of the initiation is missing. We do not know if the OP got told to drop his weapons or if he got told to drop his guns.

  • A knife is a deadly weapon ingame as well as it is a deadly weapon in real life.
  • If someone got told to drop his weapons, a knife counts as such.

We then could see and hear that the OP got told to drop his hatchet as well. The video also shows that once in the woods again, after the OP and his friends got moved, everyone was searched for a weapon. Right before the search the OP hovered over his knife when on his knees. There was time for the him to actually remove the knife or to roleplay out that he still had one on him, informing the hostage takers. 

The kill: The OP was restrained and defenseless and even if he had the knife on him he was no threat to you or your group in this moment. There are multiple other ways to roleplay the situation out without killing the OP. Like we have stated many times, to kill someone should always be the last option since it ends the roleplay and no IC grudges can be built.

In the verdict itself the reasons for the aggrevation was not explained: "Due to what was stated above we feel that it is appropriate to give you an aggravated punishment for ruleplay over roleplay as this situation showed clear signs that you were just using the rules to get kill rights on the individual and as you did not even attempt to further the RP with the individual at all."

Aggrevation: Rule 3.4

"Aggravated punishment" is a situation where the rule break is exceptionally bad and a decision is made that the standard punishment is not enough"

We cannot find any indiciation of an exceptionally bad rule break. Based on the video the kill was not needed as explained above. 

Rule 5.3  -  Always prioritize role play over rule play.

It's important to make very clear demands. You could, like you did right after you found the knife on him, roleplay out this situation even further and torture him even more. If it fits the situation, you could also tell them beforhand what would happen if you would found a weapon on them, using psychological methods, for example:

  • "Buddy, if I find a weapon on you, I am not going to hurt you, but your friend over there" *smirks* 

Of course it has to be within the rules and has to be roleplayed out.

With the things we have stated and explained above, we have to revoke the original verdict and the following will apply:


Ruleplay guilty - 3 day ban - 10 warning points.

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