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Check out my story, yeah?

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"My name is Skark "Raptor" Crowley, I have no recollection of my family, my childhood, my past.

As far back as I can recall, I was raised in a high profile and security, "military training/education school" at the age of 19. During my time there I was made to go through secret service level training and studies, varying from CQC, infiltration, extraction, assassination and survival skills to help me survive in extreme climatic environments & atmospheres.

As I progressed through the ranks, peers came and went and

as the years went by I became more isolated in my training until, whom ever it was, began to send me on mission. These missions proved not too difficult at the time but as targets became higher profile and more dangerous, so did my jobs. I had assisted, and in rare cases, had taken down small time gangs, hired hit men and the occasional "unwelcome" political face.

As my profile and reputation started to grow amongst the ranks, my commanders had me working in countries which we weren't supposed to be operating in. This is how i met David Sparks. David and I had worked together a few times in the past but after a while we pretty much became paired as a team.

His background, much similar to mine, was anything short of pretty. Having grown up in South Africa during alot of the rebel militia uprisings he had seen lots of crime

and warfare.

David and I had gotten to a stage where ranks and titles grew to little of a thing, and following orders wasn't an option, it was your life. Down the road, our little due

had been ordered to serve in a, what was basically, under-cover task. We were to be ordered out of our station and join the ranks with some standard U.K troops on a reconnaissance mission into the dark aged parts of the old soviet union. Now, at the time we though we had been chosen due to the fact that a world epidemic of another hybrid strand of bird-swine flu had hospitalised not only just civilians, but a large chunk out of most regions of the worlds reserve,defense and attack forces.

We found ourselves in the hundreds of acres of training fields in west England where we were to be sent off with a squadron of fairly well trained (and looked after) troops and our newly informed pilots who would be taking us to the disclosed location of Western Russia. As we began our long-haul flight in our new model Chinook IV which was designed for long distance transportation, our (who was made up of many different forces from around the globe) began to discuss each others lives and backgrounds. What we soon found out was that we were actually flying with a member of the royal family who most of us were obviously there to ensure his safety and security.

When we his the borders of the town however, we had learned that a lot of the people affected by the influenza started to pass away without very little warning & cases of infection grew worse. After hearing this, our pilot had with no obvious signs why appear to loose consciousness, which in turn, lead to loss of control of our transport. Merle, who had previous air pilot experience tried to take the joystick but without the extreme levels of training needed to fly a Chinook, Meryl couldn't keep control of our chopper.

After 2 minutes of struggle more members of our squad began to loose consciousness & our pilot began to come too.

We thought everything was going to get back on track but as Meryl tried to help our pilot up, he bit right into the veins of Meryl's neck, causing them both to fall back onto the controls for the chopper and send it spiraling out of control. As we violently spun around the amount of G's we gained caused those conscious to pull under.

I awoke. Bloodied and half bodies lay scattered across the wreck of the Chinook. David was nowhere to be seen. The prince's head decapitated. Some of the others weren't even near distinguishable.

Everything was a blur, my ears had the constant ringing of a bell. As I rose i began to notice a few of the corporals had survived and turned their direction towards me. As my limp body

began to make its way over to help them leave the wreck of a mess, one began to rise with extreme ease. Confused as to how he was capable of such an feat after a traumatising disaster, I began to stand in my place trying to sus the situation in my head. He began to walk towards me and his eyes were very fixed on my own glassed over eyes. He got closer and with each step he gained speed

until his slow pace turned into a full pelt. By the time he reached the my end of the 57 metre canopy I began to realise he was fixed on much more than helping me. It was me he was after. My blood,

my flesh.

The inhumane human lunging at me was between the weapons cache and myself. I reached for my kukri stored in my coyote backpack, pulled it out, and with out huge swing I dice his head in two.

Something wasn't right, I made my way out the chopper Watching every step i took to ensure no one would make an attempt to claim my life. The cargo door was just open enough for me to through my

bag through and then myself after it. As my feet get through the last gap in the door i could hear more bodies emerging inside the chopper.

As my eyes adjusted from the darkness of the chopper to what I soon found to be a wide open field open field bursting with sunlight, and gained some good distance from the crash site, I peered down the hill we had

landed on and came to see a small sized city with docks backing onto the ocean. The town look deserted, and the more time I spent scanning it i began to see figures spotted across the area, walking, limping and crawling

in the general direction of the crash.

Trying to catch my breath and adjust to what the hell had just happened and why, a sudden noise of feet brushing against tall grass behind me. I grabbed my kukri lunged as I suddenly turned and found my blade inside the

stomach of David. My hands went numb, my body began to sweat more than it had before. The only person i had really known had his life taken from me. Except something wasn't right, it was Dave's body, his face, but he wasn't "him".

His face extremely distorted from the accident, fingers were missing, and while i still held him on my knife, he continued to try get me in his grasp.

I push him onto the ground, and his disfigured body just rose up again without a problem. Time goes slow as be begins to rush at me, I realise this wasn't Dave at all, I hold my knife high and step aside as i let the blade fall across

his half skin half flesh face and expose whatever was inside, out.

Without wasting any time, I turn and begin to move away from the whole area and down toward the town before and more of the possessed creature take notice of my presence.

There's a hotel in the small city and decide its going to be the first place to sneak into and try to figure out what all this mess is.

Hopefully someone else made it through this hell."

Thoughts, feedback? Super appreciated guys! Sorry if it drags on but i got a bit carried away towards the end.

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Wow.. awesome man!

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Great story, love it.

Also is Chernarus like the Bermuda triangle or does every pilot who fly's here here suck :P

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