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I hope that works (open)

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*He runs into a house closes the door and blocks it with a chair you hear moaning and something bashing against the door, Tim sighs and wipes his sweaty face, takes out his radio hold the ptt* 

Hello... ? Is this thing on... ? There we go If someone can hear me I need a place to rest I'm so tired.... 

*sighs leans against the wall tries to relax*

I am looking for protection and a place where i can stay for a few days. My legs are so tired and I haven't eaten in days please I really need help.

*releases ptt looks hopeless out of the window wrapping his arm around his knees to stay warm*

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*Notices a a noise coming from inside his bag and discovers someone talking over the radio*

Hello.. are you okay? What's wrong? Do you need a place of rest?

*You can hear infected coming getting louder and louder*

Oh ****! If you can hear me come to Zelenogorsk school there should be a few people who are willing to help. Say that Chris has sent you. They will help you 

*Radio cuts off just after you hear a loud gun shot*

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*hears the reply hopeful that someone answered*

Thank god I hope I can trust you...

*looks at his map looking for the place sighs*

Ok I will have a look. I hope they can help me...

*his stomach grumbles takes out his bottle and sips a few times on it holding his hurting stomach*

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*Tim is breathing heavily holding the ptt button down nervously speaking fast*

Hey about the people in Zelenogorsk..

*has to interrupt to catch his breath*

...they I'm not sure whats going on but they were talking about cannibals cut off toes and shooting people...

*catches breath again*

...I don't know but they don't seem that nice to me I guess I will come down to Cherno than

*releases ptt keeps on running*

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*Hearing the call Emily sighs. Her voice still a bit raw from crying.*

"Everything you heard about cannibals it's not a lie..."

*She pauses catching her thoughts and clearing her mind from some of the memories she had running through her mind.*

"I'm not saying we all are, let's say we..."

*She pauses again, thinking of the person she lost because of it.*

"Dealt with them. We found out and we dealt with them accordingly. About not being nice, I'll deal with that as well, we are supposed to welcome people and help them and we will. The rumors are a bit twisted like always. We are good, don't worry about the people, if they are mean, rude or being an ass then tell me I'll go and set them straight."

*Some voices are heard coming from the background.*

"Alright you are welcome, just ask for an Emily Morgan and wait for me to come down. It's going to be alright, no one is going to hurt you if that's what you think."

*She releases the transmit button and sighs preparing herself.*


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*speaks silently afraid of someone hearing him*

Oh thank god ok I will hit you up on your frequency then

*sighs hopefull*

see you soon

*stores away his radio and walks back into town*

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