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Hello to all of you.

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I hope to be roleplaying soon on this mod. So this is my backstory if I get whitelisted in the future.

My name is Magnus but people call me Zardaer "Since my time gaming Loki minions capture the flag Quake2".

I´m 31 year old Finnish citizen, and before the infection came I was a powertool salesman with a background as Military police.

The beginning!

You could say we were lucky. I lived on the west coast of Finland in a small town, so people were helpful and friendly to each other. Winter had just begun when news about an infection was spreading across the world. We watched the television in horror as they followed different places, where the outbreaks had hit hard. The closest place to us were Moscow. Apparently it had started in a military base close to it, and it spread fast.

Me and my closest friends and families banded together. We moved to a larger Island with one connecting bridge to the mainland. We collected everything we thought we needed, weapons, food and fuel for generators to keep the houses warm. We were about 50 people on the island. We made barricades on the bridge and stationed guardposts there, so we would be warned if something happened.

At first it was quite easy to keep the infected people from the Island. They were few and slow moving in the cold. As spring closed in we started seeing bigger groups of zombies. We lost 6 people in a larger fight. As we removed the bodies from the bridge to get burned I noticed that some of them had russian identification papers on them. I knew then that the goverment had failed in their attempts to fight this plague.

Island lost!

Our group has lost hope. It is summer now and I can´t recall how many fights we have had. Food is scarce and ammunition low. The people are frightened.

Last week we had our first murder on the Island. There was no reason for it, some people can´t just be trusted. We banned him from the Island, sent him away with an axe to defend himself. As we watched him leave a group of zombies emerged from the treelines, when they noticed him they started to run after him. OMG THEY CAN RUN NOW! We took positions on the bridge and started to shoot at them. 30 minutes into the fight we heared more moans from the forrest. We knew more would come. To our worst nightmare they just kept comming. We shot maybe a hundred zombies the first hour and more just kept comming. We knew the Island was lost now, so we decided to escape by boat. I managed to get on a boat and counted seven more leave the harbour before the Island was overrun by zombies. How will I survive this?


I don´t know how many days I´ve been on the sea. As we had planned, some provisions were on every boat on the Island. I first thought I was going crazy when I heared an engine in the distance, but the sound got louder and louder. It was a medical helicopter. They lifted me up to the chopper. It was a swedish chopper and they told me that Sweden was also overrun by the Russian Zombie horde. Satellite pictures had shown it was in the millions. They had escaped in the last minute from a hospital in Umeå. Is the whole planet lost?

The crew picked picked up some radio chatter, which they zoned in to the south. A little hope came back into our hearts but the chopper was running low on fuel. Can we make the trip?


Where am I? what I remember was an Island in the distance as we went down chrashing. Ok, there is a city to the east from this beach. When I watch the direction of the wind, as we all know the wind always goes from east to west. atleast I can navigate during daytime.

Hopefully I can find some good peaple on this Island. I need a bit of luck again, or I wont survive long...

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