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So i'm new to Rp'ing and i would like to show my characters story to see what people think of it, Sorry if it is a little "off".

Character: My name is Bogdan Azarov. I was born in Russia before moving to central Europe and spending my childhood there. When I turned 18 my family moved back to Russia, and soon after I joined the military. Years later I was still in active service and they told us we were being sent to a place called Chernarus to investigate mysterious happening occurring there. That is how I arrived here. I haven't seen my family for a year now and my one goal here is to get back home to my family.

OOC: I wish to play on this server because I love DayZ and I have been interested in roleplaying for some time now. I am 16 years old and my name is Cullen, I live in Texas. I chose this to be the beginning of my roleplaying career because I have seen videos and I know you have a active community with good reinforcement for rule breakers.

Thanks for your time and let me know what you guys think please! :):D

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