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Guest MonkeyWarlock

My name is Capt. Kol or my nickname Monkey I am a us army ranger. I was sent on a mission to retrieve a top secret message in cherno. Ive been living here for about a week in a military camp in a city a few miles from cherno. Something happened..... It was 5:45 am on saturday 2025 august 10... A scientist trying to find a cure for cancer was testing it on volunteered subjects. Something happened they didnt know about. The "Medicine" was attacking there brain and killing them nd then somehow bringing them back... not as humans as something like zombies. they killed everyone in the lab and it spread. Some idiot who was infected took a ship to italy and it spread there and around europe and asia.

I wasn't prepared, the men at the camp said it was nothing but in a month we were fighting off zombies trying to protect the camp. One day there was a huge horde that made its way to us. We couldnt fight it they killed almost everyone and me and some soldiers some how outran the zombies and lost them in cherno. Most of the people I was with died from natural causes or the zombies. im still here..... its been 2 years I am now 28. I have setup camp and made my own clan of survivors trying to fight our way out of this. We will kill if our enemies do not cooperate with the group we will steal if they have better things than us. My name is Capt. Monkey im surviving and living till the end hoping that in the morning I will wake up or not have any bites...

Many of us has died but we are still here surviving till a gun gets pointed at our face or zombies are on top of us.....

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