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Guest Erazer

Hello - Erazer

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Guest Erazer   
Guest Erazer

hi everyone i saw this mod on youtube thanks to PsiSyndicate

i have played arma 2 alot with clan server.

i heard about Dayz or something but its with 2 games more.

i don't wanna buy it thats why im here ^_^

Edit -

Nevermind i saw on FAQ if you need more games.

but not on this qeustion

Q: What do I need to download to play on this server?

A: You need to have downloaded and installed our DayZRP mod, and be running Arma2 beta version 102678.

then i saw this thread:


Nope i'm sorry :'C no money for that more arma 2 versions.

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Guest Erazer   
Guest Erazer

Hi, welcome!

unless I'm misreading and misunderstanding your post, you do need DayZ to run DayZRP.

Never mind i retrieve a gift from a good friend.

i will join soon as possible!

thanks for welcome.

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