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Sadat Eger (I need an opinion)

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Now, the following text is the concept background story on a character I am currently creating.

Since I am new to this whole idea of roleplaying I am looking for some constructive feedback.

I also know that my concept is not the best one but everyone has to start somewhere, eh?

There will be many spelling errors due to teh fact that english is not my first language and I will fix those later on when I am doe with the concept.

Oh well, here we go:

Sadat Eger

On the 23rd of Frebruary in 1945 a small town in Germany called Pforzheim was completely devastated by American Air Forces during the second world war. It was rebuilt by foreign workers from all over the south including Iran and Afghanistan. During the following years a good looking young guest worker named Nosrat Arman got to know a pretty german teenage girl named Elisabeth Eger.

Nosrat in comparison to his father had a pretty liberal way of thought he did not want to go back to Iran because of the civil war that was going on there back then and also Nosrat´s chances of getting involved into a forced marriage were quite high. Nosrat did not exactly miss his father because of the way he was treated back in Iran.

Elisabeth was an only child living in a small family which was well of bacause of shifty transactions her father made with the nazi government. Nosrat and Elisabeth fell in love pretty quickly.

So eventually Nosrat and Elisabth decided to marry and to live completely shut off from their parents in the small town of Pforzheim.

On the 13th of May in 1963 a little boy by the name of Sadat Eger was born.

Sadat grew up in Pforzheim under the wings of his beloved parents.

Sadat was told to behave for the better of the group, he was told to think about what he is about to do before he does so.

Sadat was a smart kid he kept asking his parents about the human body and about the cosmos.

Eversince the first day of his biology class in junior high school he knew he wanted to study micro biology. Sadat has always been fascinated by how everything playes a diffrent role in an organism and in the end everything keeps coming together to perform a task givien by the environment.

By the age of 16 he graduated at the Gymnasium and applyed at the Univerity of Heidelberg for the course of microbiology.

In the first semester he stood out due to his low age but as time went by most students in his course got used to it. He even hung out with quite a lot of girls until he eventually began his first relationship with Megan.

Megan was in the same course as Sadat, they had the same intrests and even a similar background story due to Megan´s father being from the USA and her mother being from germany.

Together with Megan he went to do 4 guest semesters in the USA at the University of Columbia.

He submitted his thesis about Neuroinfectiology by the age of 21.

Life was great for Sadat.

Megan and Sadat had spent most of their time on one project both of them were really passionate about: "Project Reincarnation"

Megan´s and Sadat´s developed a virus that is mainly harmless to any living organisms.

Once an organism stopped working/ death takes place the virus gets activated and repairs all the structures that are needed to keep the organism going to keep metabolism going.

That is where Sadat´s life took a turn.

On the 12th of December in 1983 an accident changed his life.

On that day Megan and Sadat invited his Parents and the Parents of Megan to the University Laboratory of Heidelberg to join the presentaion of their project.

The presentation was planned to be held at 4 pm

Megan went to pick her and Sedat´s parents up.

At about 2 pm. Sadat recieved a call from the nearby hospital:


"Is this Mr. Eger?"

"Yes, how can I help you?"

"Mr. Eger we are sorry to inform you that your Parents had an accident and are currently being treated in the hispital of Heidelberg. I now need you to come here and confirm what I just said.

We can pick you up if you wish so."


"W..hat ?"

"Sir, did you understand what I just said?"

"I´ll be there in a second. Thanks for the call."


On that day Both of his Parents, Megan and Megan´s Parents died in the car accident.

In a lokal newspaper he red that the driver of other vehicle involved in the accident had a stroke and died right on collision with Megan´s car. Megan was driving and so she also died right on collision just like her father who sat on the front passenger seat. Megans mother sat in the middle back seat and Sedats parents were sitting to her left and her right.

All passengers of the back row died after the crash but still at the crash scene.

Eversince the 12th of December 1983 Sadat has been frustrated and depressive.

He lost almost everything. The whole family he knew of, and his girlfriend.

The only thing that kept him going was his passion to science.

He was a social mayhem.

Whenever he got accepted to a job he messed it up by starting a fight with his boss over stupid things like the kind of pipettes that were used in the laboratory or if someone had a different opinion on his work.

Sadat became addicted to alkohol and simply suffered through many years of his life.

Eventually in 1990 he got accepted as Professor in Biology at the University of Heidelberg and made a pretty “good” living.

20 Years later he recieved an offer sent from a science lab in chearnarus:

3 years of his time for 30 million US Dollars

Once he would sign the contract he would instantly recieve 1 million as a prepayment.

The contactperson did not specify what the research was going to be about.

They said Sedat needs to take part at their research program because of his experience with infections that only effect the synapse formation of the human brain. He also said that only he is capable of helping the research program.

Sadat wasn´t quite sure whether the offer could be trusted or not.

He knew he was one of the best in his area of research (if not the best) he had nothing to loose so he accepted to offer and in 2010 he went to chernarus.


Basic ideas:

- lab located in elekrozavodsk

- back in 2010 chernarus was not such a bad place at all

Sadat rameins as one of the few scientist that can counter the origin of the outbreak (= virus)

Important: I am not trying to change any lore that has already been implemented.

Please let me know if anything is completaly impossible to the according lore (If on official one exists).

Thanks for reading!

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