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Leaving for short period

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Hello fellow friends. I will be absent from RP for the rest of the month prety much. However this is not to due fanboys or other servers but real life. I got last tests coming, preparations for holiday, tests for driving license and couple other things and i prety much dont have much time to play. I will probaply be occasionaly online siting in tp, and in lav's gun. I also will be still hanging around in the forums 24/7 thought.

This also means I am not able to contribute my work on the mod realy, so if something is broken please: BLAME JAMIE!

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Goodluck !

Hope to see you soon, don't worry I already blame Jamie for everything anyway.

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See you cant Wait to meet you in Game again didnt Happen since incident at nea : D

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Guest Mateusz

Good luck fellow survivor with your tests hope you get what you want see you soon !

Peace, Mateusz !

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