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Guest Icy

Bounty or Ban

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Guest Icy

Yes my title is stupid, so please help me find another one.

This post is a suggestion on making reports more RP friendly, and fun for all. Plus, the punishment could be fun!

Now, when someone gets KoS will prob come to report it, right? When it's proved that guy (1) KoS(by breaking the rule, not by having the right after a robbery or another hostile action) guy (2), the mods will prob ban guy (1) or wipe his stats or punish him as they see fit.

Why make both guys sad since they both lost their gear, or precious time of their RP? Let the victim decide the fate of guy (1). He can either let the mods handle it, remove the accusations if everything is sorted out( as I've seen in some reports) OR place a bounty on his head. Now, that violates the NLR and/or metagaming rule, but violating the KoS rule makes things "a'right"

So instead of banning/reseting one guy, his fate is left in the hands of the community.

The victim places a bounty on his head and then bounty hunters and bounty hunter teams have KoS on him ONLY if they ID him first, make sure they won't kill a random guy.

After the "bad guy" is dead, the bounty hunter has every right on the dead guy's gear, but HAS to present proof to the victim that he killed him. Either by setting a meeting with the victim at TP and the bounty hunter drags the dead body there so everyone can study it, or if it's too hard to do, take a screenshot of him studying the body, and if anyone claims that he just found the body, the mods can use the logs and see. Proof of the act must be presented in the time of 7 days, or the bad guy gets punished by the mods. The proof raises bounty hunters' status, since more succesful mission equals more requests.

Now, the victim can offer something in exchange for his lost gear to the bounty hunter, or just be satisfied by the death of guy (1). But the victim cannot KoS guy (1) before justice is served. Metagaming will happen only in forums, ingame, the victim is a completely new character, may be a witness of the KoS crime, so he can ID the dead body as the bad guy.

What do you think about that guys?

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I don't like this. This would just mean that everyone who wants to KoS would KoS. Just putting some players after him in-game isn't a punishment for breaking the rules at all, he can just keep killing the hunters. Plus the rule breaker can just keep breaking the rules if the hunters can't find him.

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This won't work - reports are to punish rule offenders or make sides reach a agreement if it was a imsunderstanding. It's the place where we seperate players and those that should improve, either easy way or harsh way.Thanks to this GM staff can keep server clean of rule offenders, letting victims placing the bounties wouldn't 'teach' offenders.

What kind of punishment is letting somebody play and be possibly put in harms way ingame when compared to few days of ban ?

Let me remind you - there are no permanent skins, ingame name can be changed - guy with bounty on his head is hard to trace unless he wishes to make it happen. Even so - the bounty hunters would need to approach him, identify - basically just like in regular robbery.

With bounty system he could get killed - sure... but it already can take place - Roleplayed execution.

Talk with 'offender', roleplay that you received a hit on him, make his life miserable in last moments - kill. Of course 'hit' must be documented - but it's allowed as long as it's backed up.

I don't like your proposal.

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I agree with the others, but it's not a horrible idea.

Like Cookie said, however, everyone would KoS because there isn't a huge punishment.

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Guest Icy

Yup, I get your point guys, I haven't thought that it could be abused.

But Goz and Cookie , I proposed a limited amount of time for the bounty hunters to kill, if there is no "offender was killed" registered in the logs then you guys take control and ban/reset character or punish however you must. But now that I'm rethinking it the offender could be friends with the hunters so it could be just a kill to "clear" him and then give him the gear back etc. Yup, it couldn't work

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