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Lyn Oks

I dont feel so good...

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*I hope its not something to be concerned about, maybe its something I ate.*

 ...coming off the beach after going overboard from a ship wrecked somewhere on the coast, he finds himself with no food, barely shirt on his back. Not knowing whether to go north or south, seeing the sun in the west, the vacationer wishes he never came to this central European port...  ...and hopes the pit in his stomach doesnt make things worse.  

// HI, aspiring to make this start of a backstory into reality. Looking to Whitelist, but my Steam registration doesnt seem to be doing anything more than "FAIL". Is it on DayZrp' end ? I think Ive done it all appropriately. Thanks!

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Hey man, welcome! Make sure your Steam profile is set to public :)

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Hello man!! welcome to ye olde' DayZRP.

If you are new to roleplay then don't forget to check out the Mentor Program and don't forget to ask a Community Helper if you have any questions

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Hello there and welcome to the community! ;)

Enjoy your stay!

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