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Guest Lady DIe

Noob says 'HI'.

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Guest Lady DIe


I just signed up for this version of the day z mod.

the video's on youtube posted by various people look intruiging.

i always felt something was missing in the pure pvp dayz.

shooting on sight always felt a bit wrong.

i know it is only a game- but i like to think that people would not turn on each other so quickly if it was RL.

but maybe i'm just an idealist.

anyways - thanks for inventing this mod.

i look forward to seeing some of you online.



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Guest Lady DIe

hi guys,

and thanks to iftn bitebaykon for the reply.

so how do i see if i've been added to the whitelist?

sorry if thats a dumb question- i load the whitelist page but seem unable to find ourt exactly how to check if i'm on there or not.



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Look at the bottom of the whitelist page

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Welcome to DayzRP, if you have any questions as to how to find/do/understand what's going on here feel free to PM me.

Check here to see the status of your whitelisting.

Also, Make sure if you haven't already to read all of The Rules

Some good informative threads to read about the server can alos be found here:

DayzRP Basics + Guide

First day on DayzRP

How to use your journal

How to RolePlay

How to install and play DayzRP


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