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Guest JollyOlBrit

Hey guys!

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Guest JollyOlBrit

I was travelling the world, as my life dream to see the most exotic and exciting places with my friend Luke, we were heading from Norway to Chernarus, we were travelling with a group of traders on their truck, heading through the boarders the guards were telling us to be careful around the area heading to Chernarus. They were saying something about Dangers, a beast in the forest, I don't know for sure, my Russian is not that good. picked it up from a girl i met on my way down, a few hours into crossing the boarders, it was getting dark, we saw some kid in the road, we decided to stop to see if he was okay. The driver went to check, and well... he got to close, the kid just, jumped on him ripped through him like some crazed beast. The guards at the boarder were right. the Driver had the keys to the truck, so me and my friend decided to run. we kept running and running, until I was knocked unconscious didn't know when or where I was. All I know is that I lost my friend and woke up on shore next to some city, didn't know what city it was.

I'm leaving this note here on this post to let anyone else know that I'm here, I don't know whats going on all I know is that something bad has happened... So i guess this is where my Story starts.


I hope to make good progress in this new DayZ RP as far as im aware I hope to join a clan make friends and have fun playing this new installment to DayZ.

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