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[Incoming transmission - Operatives of the JSS, I hope you hear this.]

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Hello... *static*...

Can anyone hea...*static*... me?

This is Cpl.Brown, if any of the Operatives of the JSS can hear this, I am sending out this transmission to check if you made it back to the safe alive, as when I woke up from my abrupt... nap, shall we say, you were gone.

I seen the blood trails from Jin heading away from where I last seen him collapse due to his grave wounds from the infected. I hope Gen. Muffin made it safely with you as well!


I found this old radio in some sort of barn just a couple of hundred meters West of where Jin collapsed, I don't know if this will reach you but I hope we can mee... *groans and banging can be heard in the background*... oh shit, the infected have heard me and are on their way in, I hope I can.... *The transmission abruptly cuts off and all that can be heard now is constant static*

// Hey guys, it was great meeting you and I hope my roleplaying wasn't too bad as i'm very new to it! Probably my first successful session of roleplaying without getting killed by zombies. Hopefully we will be able to regroup sometime so we can continue our adventure.

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