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Guest Sasquatchy

Hi + Backstory for feedback pre-app

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Guest Sasquatchy

//Hi guys - been playing on some other RP servers but really looking forward to eventually getting on this one. Typed together my intro backstory so would love feedback before making my app. Cheers!//

Holy hell, am I glad to see you! Um...

Вы говорите Английский?

Oh thank God, you speak English. I figured it would be just my luck to finally see a friendly face and not know a damn thing they were saying. That is assuming you are a friendly face. I guess that we are actually having this conversation and you aren't rummaging through the pockets of my corpse does say a few things. Can't say I have seen anything remotely friendly in the last few days. You have any idea what day it is?

Damn. How is that even possible?

Name's Gregory Wilcox, but you can call me Greg. I've been out here on assignment for the last few weeks - I am a photojournalist by trade, freelance. I managed to convince an old buddy of mine to get a media attachment to his EOD unit while they investigated some possible chem weapon depots that some insurgent Chernarusians had come into. I know, not exactly the easiest assignment that I had ever gotten myself into but I guess you could say I had a few favors to cash in after accruing some serious interest. I served as a combat photographer back in the day *laughs* or back when my knees weren't so damn stiff and lugging around 40 pounds of lens and cameras didn't phase me. Joined the Navy at the ripe all knowing age of nineteen back in '94, met Chris, my ordy buddy my second day in. We both spent two months down in Orlando sweating our balls off and trying not to die in the humidity or drown in the afternoon rain showers before we both headed out to P-Cola for Defense Photo School. I made second in our class and Chris made first. I headed out to Norfolk and he went to Panama City the long way after heading up to Great Lakes for his EOD Prep. As luck would have it his first team attachment was with my ship the USS Enterprise back in 96 when we were headed out to the Balkans and then to blow the hell outta Saddam. By that time I had gotten my combat photographer certs so I managed to get some airtime that time out. Thought I was lucky again in 98 once I made PO2 and headed out with them against while doing ops in the northern gulf during Desert Fox. Our Seahawk malfunctioned - lost 4 good men and spent 48 hours in the water before we got scooped up. Chris and I were like brothers after that even though I decided I needed to get back to civilian life and he went career.

Anyhow, I've been working this story about these chem plants out here on the eastern coast of Chernarus for the last few months. Some seriously fucked up shit going down but more red-tape trying to get the real shit than I could slash my way through. Deadline was hot on my ass, giving me more heat than my ex-wife calling for her alimony check, ya know? Luckily Chris was the LCPO for his EOD unit and convinced his CDR to let me in since it was strictly a support op and not a US or NATO sanctioned operation. We were there strictly to observe and report back to their UN liasons, nothing else. And well then the shit hit the fan but I am sure you know all about that. Goddamn Romero nightmare man. Never thought all those jokes about the goddamn zombie apocalypse would rise up and kick us in the ass. We got in some heat up north of Berezino a few weeks back, hightailed it out of the airstrip out there but those fucking insurgent bastards that started this shit-storm took a few shots at us. Anti-material sniper hit us in the hydraulics and we went down. If what you are saying is true, I guess I might have been out for more than just a few days.

By the time I woke up, I figured the rest of the team must have assumed I was dead or couldn't find me. My shoulder was dislocated and I was dehydrated to hell but I managed to slump my way through the woods until I found the remainder of the wreck. At the time I couldn't place it but the only body I found was the pilot - violent head tramua. Looked like his helmet didnt so much protect him as cave his whole fucking skull in. There was blood around but nothing more than drag marks and overlapping boot prints. I set up camp and waited. Couldn't find any of my damn gear so I had to stay out in the treeline in case there was any JP-5 still around that didn't burn up in the crash. Was sitting there a few hours later when damned if I couldn't believe it cause he comes Chris staggering out of the treeline opposite of my fire on the otherside of the heli crash. I couldn't fucking believe it - two crashes together and damned if we didn't pull some miracle stunt in God's craps game.

Except it wasn't Chris. Not anymore at least. I ran out into that field hollering and carrying on and by the time I got up close I could see the pale death sitting inside Chris's eyes. He screamed some unholy moan and shambled towards me before I realized that his left arm was missing and his lower intestine was hanging out of a gash in his abdomen. Hardest thing I ever did in my life was bashing his head. Second hardest thing was burying him.

Then again, he would have done the same thing for me.

That ain't no way to leave a brother.

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