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Guest Hangalf

Background history of Johnathan Pay

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Guest Hangalf

This is written as a conversation so the reader gets a good idea of the character’s personality instead of just his story :D

Stranger: “Tell me your story…”

Johnathan: “What do you wanna know?”

Stranger: “All of it!”

Johnathan: “That could tun out to be a pretty long story.. “

Stranger: “Come on man. We got time”

Johnathan: “Ok then let’s start from the beginning. I was born in a family of richass bitches, most of them had their nose so far up in the air, they were about to lose their foothold. Any way I guess they are all dead by now, they probably didn’t last a day. Not that I could care less, they didn’t give many fucks about me anyway”

Stranger: “Don’t you think that’s a bit harsh?”

Johnathan: “Harsh?”

-He spits on the floor

Stranger: “No way man, my parents threw me out at the age of 16 for no big deal, I guess it would be right to say that I was the family’s black sheep.”

Stranger: “So you want me to believe your parents hated you from the second you were born? Sounds like bullshit to me.”

Johnathan: “Well I guess the thing they were most pissed about was that I dropped out of high-school after a couple of months. Education was a big FUCKING deal to them. You see my father was a doctor working on a med that should be able to cure cancer, or as he referred to it “The mixture that would save humanity”. My mother on the other hand was a judge so she had to do everything right and by the book, that meant that I was in knee deep shit when I got caught with a joint the first time, she found it in my pocket that meant I went directly to rehab and you know what the funny part of it is? I never got to smoke any of the damn weed.”

Stranger: “Never?”

Johnathan: “Well not at that moment”

Stranger: “That moment?”

-Johnathan looks at the stranger challenging

Johnathan: “Well you see the reason they threw me out of their house, was I got caught again and my mother’s colleges was of course still talking about my trip to rehab so I had to go. From there on my life seemed to get better over the next 5 years, I got an apprenticeship at a local firm working with steal and such, I got my own apartment not the finest of the kind but it worked and I stated to attend some hunting courses, I found out it was a good way to blow off some steam, “you know” and since I had been on some of the “Royal hunts” (I don’t know what they are called in England but it is basically bigger hunts where many people attend) with my father I knew a bit about it. I got so much into hunting that I took two weeks of to go and hunt boars here in Chernus since I had heart a lot of good thing about it”

Stranger: “The weed, did you stop smoking then?”

Johnathan: “No I didn’t and I can’t see why that’s of interest to you, but if you have to know I still smoke and maybe I deal a little bit, could I continue on my story? “

Stranger: “Yea sure, I’m sorry”

Johnathan: “It was just around when the first week of hunting had ended, when we began to see people go crazy I’m of course talking about the start of the outbreak, lost my god Paul when a good looking girl turned in his arms as I got out of the supermarket in Elektro it was fucking horrible, it wasn’t just like she bit him…..

-A tear starts its way down his chin

Johnathan: “She ripped out his god damn throat.”

-He slams his fist into the table as he starts to get up.

Johnathan: “So now when he was gone I figured I might as well stick around hunt and drink the rest of my life instead of going home to Denmark and being sorry”

-He starts walking towards the door as he finishes his bottle of whisky

Johnathan: “I’ll be seen you around.”

Hope you like it ;D

English is not my 1st language and I’m a lot better at talking then i am at writing :D

Feetback is always AWSOME!

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