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Urgent attention needed [OPEN]

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*Sad and a bit depressed, Will heads over to his radio that was placed in his bag*

So today something terrible happened. Very terrible.

*He takes a deep breath*

I went to go fetch some cigars from my cabinet and I realized that I'm all out. 

So yeah now I have no Cigars...If anyone has any spare cigars that they're willing to trade I will be more than happy to make a deal. Contact me on this very frequency if you're interested. Any cigar flavor will do.

*He clicks off the radio*


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*Martin hears the message on the radio, chuckeling to himself. The man needed cigars? Well, I can't help him with that, Martin thought, but I might be able to help him in other ways. He started transmitting*

*A chuckle could be heard*

So, cigars you say? I am sorry, I have none. However I would like to say, I think it is time to give up on smoking, my friend. There might still be a few cigars out there, but sooner or later there will be no cigars left. Take my tip right here. Stop smoking. I know it might be hard for you, but seeing you don't have cigars at the moment I guess you have no choise.

Now, if you would find more cigars, I wouldn't mind sharing one. See it as a little help for you to stop smoking, you won't have to smoke the whole thing.

See you around.

*Martin let go of the talk button, happy he could help people, even though it was not much he could do.*

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*Grigori hears a small amount of chatter on the radio. He knew this voice.*

*Grigori takes his radio out and holds it close to his mouth. After a breath or two he presses down the PTT button*

"Ive got plenty. Enough for me to carry actually. If you need a few let me know. Im sure we  know the same people so it won't be so hard to find one another. If you contact me i will be able to send a few your way. Glad i helped."

*The transmission cuts and Grigori puts away his radio*

*as he walks away he mumbles to himself*

"i know the pain"

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