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A new Beginning

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To any that can Hear this,

I will be Broadcasting on this Frequency Daily.

My name is LCpl. Derek Rollo.

I am Broadcasting to all looking for a new Place to Start Fresh and Live in Safety and Comfort.

We can Provide Food, Shelter, Safety, and Security.

Please, if anyone can hear this, Contact me on this Frequency.

We need Man Power, we need Vehicles.

If you can help or need a place to call Home, contact me.

This is LCpl. Derek Rollo, signing off.

This message will be repeat Daily.

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*Simon hears the message and holds the ptt down*

hello? Are you US Army? Hello?

*Simon releases the ptt, awaiting an answer*

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*Frankie would be sitting on the street corner, waiting to deal some weed to a couple of geezers who he met last night in Stary Sobor when all of a sudden, his radio bursts to life with someone talking about him being US Army and such, with that being said he would hold the radio to his mouth, then see the two men he was going to sell weed to come down the street, he would then pass them the weed for 20 5.56 Rounds, then press the PTT Button as he is walking down the street* 

" US Army Eh? There's way to fackin' soldiers in this place nowadays... Jesus fuckin' christ... one thing I don't quite understand about ya message-lad, is the fact you just advertised about fackin' security... But then say you need manpower? How the fack does that workout?

*He would notice a an infected in the middle of the street, run over and give him a swift right hook to the teeth with his knuckle duster*

" I mean, fair enough.. I appreciate a lad who's tryna help... But does us all a favour and drop the whole army thing now eh? Two and a bit years in and people are still goin' on about fackin' army's and shit... Jesus christ...

*He would remember what he said about the man being a LCPL *

" By the way... Your army rank dosen't mean anything anymore, you're just a man now... "

*Frankie switches frequency's to the business hotline*

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*Bishop overhears the conversation by chance on the radio while he was selling some guns on the streets of Svetlojarsk, he left his stall since there was nobody around and opens up his PTT and started the chuckle before talking*

Can't argue with that.

*He turned off the PTT and came back to his spot, when he returned he noticed some of his automatic rifles got stolen*

"Ah you serious?"

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