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Cade Wilson is dead {open}

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*Daniel pushing down on his PTT starts to speak in a loud angry tone* 

Alba 19`s Brother Cade Wilson is now dead,

Race Traitor scum

Blood in , Blood Out

Hail on to victory brothers

*Daniel flicks of the PTT*

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[align=left]*Tully listens to the transmission and is happy to see a traitor gone*

I always thought somethin' was off about that guy. Why don't our kind ever listen, Black? Strength in numbers to fight the real true threat in these lands?! BUT NO! People don't listen and have to betray the one and only cause. Glory, glory hallelujah, brother. We will march on without 'em!

*Tully ends the transmission and continues his nightly patrols throughout the lands*

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*Ellie sitting on the hill under a tree listening to what was said about Cade decides to take radio and push down PTT button*

Why would you...

*she pauses for few seconds releasing PTT button talking to herself*

Ohh this guys are just fucking joke...

*she holds the PTT button down again*

See you around...one day maybe

*Ellie releases the PTT button leans her back to the tree and closes her eyes sitting there in silence*

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