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Red Lake Radio *Open Freq*

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*Crane grabs his radio, looking at the men around him. He sets his jaw and looks at them with a stone cold face*

Hello, my name is Anthony Crane. I am broadcasting to you to officially announce mine, and my people's presence here in Chernarus. For too long we have hidden by our lake. We have sat idle, numb to the world around us after the.. *His face softens and his voice cracks faintly* the attack. However, in face of our world being ripped from us and us striped of what we loved, we have not turned away from our humanity. I hope those of you who still contain humanity and would rather work to help this hell over making it worse, will find hope in my words. You. Are. Not. Alone. We are The Order of Red Lake, this is Anthony Crane, signing off. *The radio falls form Cranes hands as he grips his rifle and looks to those around him. He dusts off an old Golden arm band, somewhat stained with blood and dons it on his arm. He turns looking to his lake, eyes filled with hope.*

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