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Another Lone Voice Breaks the Silence {Open Frequency}

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Rusty would raise a cigarette up to his lips, taking a long drag of it as began to glow a radiant tangerine, specs of leftover ash spilling out onto the ground below him, as well as some particles into the air. His gaze was upon the landscape that surrounded him, a lovely view being exposed through the shrubbery and thicket of the foliage that surrounded the secluded, dilapidated, one story residential cottage, he having the prime spot upon the roof. The sky was dim as night was approaching, and if it wasn't evidence enough, the gentle chirping of crickets was beginning to break out as the last rays of the setting sun cast upon him, which in turn cast his shadow onto the shingles behind him. Reaching into his bag with his free hand, he grasped onto his radio and raised it to his lips, depressing the PTT, letting a stream of smoke drift out from between his lips as he spoke.

"You know, at times... This place is peaceful and not so much of a desolate bastardized land as everyone says it's to be. Sure, it isn't perfect, but for what it's been through, it has its breath taking moments."

"Fighting off the infected and other immediate threats, scavenging and finding the most minimal amenities in what these forgotten building have to offer, staying on edge and not lowering your guard for one moment, having the overall stress of what tomorrow will bring.. It takes a toll."

He paused for a moment, but still left the PTT depressed, the only sounds being heard was his minimal breathing and the crickets chirping, but this time louder as the night grew from its previous newborn state.

"You just need drop it all and just take a moment to clear your head and just let your mind and eyes wander. Stop thinking about all that is unimportant and materialistic, and get back to your mental roots."

"We're all people here, and we can only take so much stress and other degenerative emotions, it's time to take a break from it all and just forget all that troubles the mind, even the most distasteful grudges."

A sigh was heard just as he was removing his finger from the PTT, it being cut off, but long enough to give off the essence of his dreary but relaxed voice. He then shifted from dangling his legs from the edge of the house, moving up the shallow angle roof, finally resting his body against the shingles of the roof. After doing so, he took one last drag off his cigarette as the radiant tangerine glow faded out in the darkness, making him nothing more but another entity in the dark.

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Jason smiles when he hears the transmission, he turns on the microphine connected to his improvised radio station and starts to talk:

You know....i couldn't agree more with you. Sitting here in this little shack actually makes me feel good and yes indeed this land has its good sides especially on the side of nature and...well most people that you meet.

*He is heard silently laughing for about 3 seconds, the laughter then stops and he continues*

But let us not forget about the people that were lost, the people we have lost, the people others have lost, 

 the people that fought for us all and in the end....died for us all.

Familly is important but also they are the people we have lost, the ones that we would die for.... died for us instead!

People are killed everyday for good reasons and bad reasons, so let us think of those who have fallen aswell, those who have created these moments that we have experienced in this time of horror, friendship and love

Jason stops the transmission, he thinks about everything that happend in his past...Flashbacks of his good old familly...The Wolves return to him...

I'll find you all again......I promise, i will!

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