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To Ender [Private Frequency]

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*The black clad woman glanced up to the clouds that had rolled in, the gentle snowfall beginning soon after. A smile crossed her lips underneath the bandana and she murmured aloud.*

"When Winter comes..."

*Turning the frequency to the old Chernarus Post dispatch frequency she cleared her throat and began to speak.*

"Ender, got lives in you still?

My little Nightingale, still hanging on?

Hm, there are many of us now, all of similar will.

A murder of us, a flock, a grouping.

We may come to Chernarus to change things.

May let it destroy itself.

Doesn't really matter now does it?

Hollow husk of a country, bled dry by the disgusting creatures inhabiting it.

I've watched, I've seen, I've learned.

I think you know what happens next.

Old friend of mine. Do take care of yourself.

And don't die.

I won't bury another one of mine."

*She stuffs the radio back in her magazine pouch and continues her march Northward. Toward a small fire flickering defiantly around a grouping of tents.*

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Ender hears the broadcast and responds

Haven't died yet. and thats saying something.

A lot of men have tried to make that true.

But at the end of the day they're just another failure.

Safe travels on your journey. may we meet again soon

He lets go of the button and continues walking down the road with his hand intertwined with rose's

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*Upon nearing the camp she hears the response, overwhelmed with joy upon hearing the voice of her old friend. Though he sounded... different, odds are he changed in a way, had to have. Brushing past the grouping of men about the fire clad in black she went to her tent and sat down amongst the sleeping bags strewn about. She pulls out her radio and presses down the button speaking into it.*

"Another failure... Well good to know that someone has been pissing on your parade.

Grown up have you? Grown into a debbie downer with it?

It's been a long time... But I never recalled you being cynical.

Just from what you've said... Something's changed. You've changed. Ender.

Come to be crestfallen? You and I both know that becoming just that is a road to self destruction."

*Her eyes settle on her bandaged forearms before she releases the button, beginning to toss off her backpack and rifle so she could lay down.*

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:He picks up the radio and talks into it:

A lot has changed and i've walked down that road numerous times since our last conversation

everytime i get closer and closer. . . I saw it once. The end of the road. I was almost there

But someone pulled me out 

He looks over to his left and smiles at the woman

Someone always does.

So you are correct i have changed I've seen death, loss, betrayal, i've seen love and i've lost love

I have changed. but thats up to the eye of the beholder if its for the better or worse

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*A laugh emits from Lumina's lips as she hears Ender speak over the radio. Not out of cruelty, but because she hears a bit of herself, the poet. Bringing her radio up to her lips she replies in kind.*

"A lot has changed Ender. Good, bad, evil, holy... We all know that bullshit is subjective.

But someone pulled you out of the dark abyss... Part of me wishes that I could say the same.

I applaud you, moving on, loving, once more.

But remember just how cruel life can be. It will take everything from you, bleed you hollow. Remember Wallie, because I always will."

*Her hand drifted to the intials carved into her mahogany stock. Lips sucking in another breath, pained as she speaks

"I missed you Ender. I really did. But you have to understand why I chose to leave Chernarus. I need more feathers in the wind, more to snuff out the cancer that grows here."

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