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Mikoyan Rykov

Knowing the New S-GRU (personal POV)

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[align=justify]Just compiled some info that we (S-GRU new and old members) spread around the forum so far and I decided create this "Role Play" scenario of what S-GRU is now from my POV. It might not be the official role-play history for S-GRU.

My character (Mikoyan Rykov) also makes part of the Alpha Gruppa mentioned below:


Spetsnaz Glavnoye Razvedyvatelnoye Upravleniye

We are the Spetsnaz Glavnoye Razvedyvatelnoye Upravleniye, A.K.A Spetsgruppa A, Company 47, Alpha Unit or S-GRU.

S-GRU is highly trained military Special Force that exists to protect and fight the interests of Mother Russia.

We're in Chernarus acting as a military police to prevent this madness to cross the border towards Russia.

Currently we're assisting the people of Chernarus by providing order to the chaos and getting rid of the infected and the armed people without proper-training to hold military gear and\or with bad intentions.

Past S-GRU history

Prior to the outbreak of the infection, Dr. Junhad Habib was a world leader in bio-medical sciences, from Saki Sahari, Azerbaijan.

It was believed that he was developing a cure for the infection in his private laboratory.

He was frequently invited to work with other scientists in Moscow, however he refused out of the love of his country.

With the Russian government gradually crumbling as the infection crept into major cities the Kremlin deployed the S-GRU Company 47 to kidnap Dr. Habib and his family in order for him to comply.

While Dr. Habib was being escorted to the lab in Moscow, separated from his family the AN-124 carrying the members of Company 47 of the S-GRU had an engine failure just south of Chernarus, causing the plane to crash into the sea.

Shortly after the Company regrouped along the coast all communication with the Kremlin was lost, and the purpose of Company 47 was redefined.

Dr. Habib still believes that Company 47 still works under the Kremlin, with his family at stake. Due to this he fears for the safety of his family. He is currently serving the GRU as a field Medic.

Current S-GRU history

The Company 47 have been in Chernarus for approximately 7 months now, since they crashed in the Green Sea just off Chernarus.

Shortly after the loss of comunication with with the past mission, Moscow sent another special purpose unit to find out what happened with Dr. Habbib and Company 47.

This unit is called the Alpha Gruppa.

Alpha Gruppa had the primary goal to regroup with Company 47 (where the airplane was last seen in the radar) and reestablish the mission of escort Dr. Habbib to the Motherland.

Few days after Alpha Parachute in the ocean nearby Skalisty Island - Chernarus, Moscow stopped responding the attempts of communication from Alpha Gruppa.

Now together and without any communication with the motherland, Company 47 and Alpha Gruppa formed the new Spetsnaz GRU Alpha, also known as Spetsgruppa Alpha (S-GRU).

Dr. Habib is dead and the future of the motherland is bleak.

The only communication S-GRU have is through our Emergency system broadcasts allowing us to speak with other S-GRU operators around Chernarus.

We now have a new greatly task: Bring order to Chernarus and avoid the spread of the infection across the borders with Russia, at least until we communicate with Motherland again.

We are very well trained and prepared to the situation of Chernarus. Alpha and Company 47 trained extensively to this situation.

S-GRU main objectives in Chernarus

1 – Reestablish communication with Moscow.

2 - Disarm people with military grade weapon (to stop good gear getting in the wrong hands - bandits).

3 - Eliminate bandits, armed militias and capitalists pigs.

4 - Protect and assist immigrant civilians and the Chernarussian people by acting as a police force (we protect those who follow the laws of any country ruled by the justice).

5 - Bring order to the Chaos.

6 - Remove the Zombies and stop the infection.

7 - Remove the western dogs that came to this Country to exploit its natural resources, military abandoned hardware and take ownership of the strategic position that Chernarus is from Russia.

How S-GRU acts

S-GRU is the only prepared military force around this country to this type of situation (banditry, terrorism, chaos).

Military weapons in wrong hands can be dangerous for the Civilians.

We're fighting banditry and we need to disarm them.

A friendly civilian with good intentions and military gear can be disarmed by a bandit and will provide his gear to the bad guys. That's how the bandits arms themselves to threatening Chernarus population.

We need to stop the illegal arms trafficking around Chernarus. S-GRU will get rid of the armed bad guys first so we can proceed to removing the Zombies out of this world.

S-GRU allow people to carry\drive these gears and vehicles only

Allowed Weapons:


-CZ 550

-Lee Enfeild

-double barrel shotgun


-Any pistol except G17, M9SD and PDW

-Basic AK-74 type variants allowed only with sight attachments.


S-GRU sets up roadblocks to prevent people to carry illegal fire arms over protected S-GRU territory, kidnappings and other illegal activities.

We also stops military vehicles such as Ural’s, V3S, Humvees and sometimes UAZ’s. Its more of an ID check but sometimes we may need a ride.

If you are living according to our rules you’ve nothing to fear by passing through our roadblock, right?


Some backpacks are not allowed and will be taken from you.

You don’t need to carry large amounts of gear If you carry anything bigger than a British Assault Backpack it will be taken from you.

This will avoid people from carrying military weapons around the country.

S-GRU finds all law breakers and people with harmful intentions against this country. Law biding civilians and survivors have nothing to fear from S-GRU if we happen to find you milling about.

If you’re getting disarmed by S-GRU:

Role Play example:


Some people like to have a certain tone with some S-GRU operators, others also you some fowl language with us.

This is also a no go this is almost asking to be shot right there. In TP or outside of it S-GRU likes to mind its business and most time ignore the foreign invaders or Chernarussians who were never taught a lesson.

Now let it be that you are robbed by S-GRU because you are a filthy law breaker. First things first: We never want to kill you we just want to talk to you.

If you are breaking a law you will have your illegal items confiscated from you and may be asked for some other official ID.

More or less do what we tell you and you can go to where you want. S-GRU operators do not ID themselves if they don’t want to, they prefer to lost their lives than giving important information, so it may be very hard to get his ID’s.

Do not expect mercy, only justice from our hands. And in case you're Russian, make sure to know how to sing the Soviet Anthem pretty well:


That's it for now...

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-Basic AK-74 type variants allowed only with sight attachments.

//I'm wondering about this. Why only with sight attachments, doesn't quite make sense to me because aren't AK-74s with sight attachments better than Ak-74s without sight attachments?

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Yeah thats more than likely a typo. Nice post, but not 100% accurate. But then again how could it be if I haven't actually released the official S-GRU RP storyline :D

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You forgot to add the crossbow as an allowed weapon. I think it's a weapon. I use it as a weapon.

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-Basic AK-74 type variants allowed only with sight attachments.

//I'm wondering about this. Why only with sight attachments, doesn't quite make sense to me because aren't AK-74s with sight attachments better than Ak-74s without sight attachments?

I think he means the only attachments allowed are sights, i.e. no grenade launchers.

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If you have spare civilian guns, do you give that to those disarmed as a token for their compliance

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How come the AK-74 is allowed but a pump shotgun isn't? That seems a bit counter-intuitive.

As I said, the part of the guns was made by Deg and it's not our official statement about it. For official statements check our main thread. And btw I agree with you... :)

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