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Days of Silence Ch. 2

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The following are true events that happened on Dayzrp S2 US. (Changed a little for plot)

Ive made a thread that combines all the chapters called "Days of Silence"

Stefanie counted the few bullets she had for her newly acquired hunting rifle. Three, she loaded each one delicately into the chamber and returned the bolt forward. Her and William over the past couple of days had traveled through Novy and were currently in Gorka scavenging and they were heading to Berezino hospital for medical supplies. William rose from the stump he was sitting on and said, "Ready to head out?" Stefanie rose and slung her rifle on her back, and nodded and the two headed down the road towards Berezino.

As they were entering the hospital, they heard a faint scream in the distance. They looked down the road to the military checkpoint and saw a slightly chubby man running towards them, wielding a butchers knife, and behind him were about 20 infected. William drew his Glock 19, and Stefanie climbed some scaffold on one of the hospitals walls and aimed her rifle. She was debating whether or not to use the few precious bullets she had when the chubby man was grabbed by an infected. Without thinking, Stefanie aimed her rifle at the head of the infected and fired. There was a small explosion of blood and brains, and the chubby man with a shocked expression on his face froze for a second, and continued running towards them. Stefanie pulled back the bolt, the ejected bullet falling to the dirt bellow. The infected had drawn to close to use her rifle anymore, she jumped down and drew her knife. William began firing, with each shot a thud of an infected dropping followed. The man was in front of William now and the two stood their ground. Stefanie followed a concrete wall parallel to the street William and the men were fighting on and crawled under an opening in the wall.

One of the infected lunged at her, Stefanie side stepped and pinned the infected against the wall and quickly jammed her knife into its skull. William and the man were fighting about 5 meters from Stefanie, the horde was right in front of her unaware. She took one in a strangle hold and stabbed it in the skull, and repeated this 7 times until the last of the horde was dead. Stefanie cleaned her almost completely blood stained knife with a rag and approached William and the man. The Chubby man excitedly approached Stefanie, he spoke in a thick German accent, "Thank you thank you miss! If you had not shot that one on me I would be dead! I am in your debt!" He offered his hand to shake. Stefanie inspected it and shook his hand. "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Klaus Shtuple." He motioned to Stefanie to do the same. William chimed in "I'm William and this is Quiet, she's mute." Stefanie put on a half smile and made a shh gesture. "Oh! Well its nice to meet you Quiet and William. Do mind if I tag along with you two? You both seem like nice people." William glanced at Stefanie and Stefanie shrugged and nodded.

"Sure. Now, lets get moving."

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Instead of posting a new thread for every chapter, most people usually add on to the thread they create and use it as a hub of sorts for the entire story. Up to you tho :) good read

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