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Tyler... [Private Frequency]

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Allison sits in the house, staring at her radio as her back slowed down with the bleeding. She stares at the photo of her, Beau, Ellie and Tyler. Wiping yet another tear from her face, she tucks the photo away. Feeling her hand where he had last touched her before regretting her decision. Her heart twisting in her chest as she closed her eyes; visioning what Tyler and his boys had done to the man whom had cut her. She takes her radio and begins switching it to Tyler's lucky number, hoping somehow it worked. Her voice softly comes onto the radio. She sounded like she had been crying.

"Tyler... I... I don't know what you want from me?

You think this is easy for me to just walk away from my childhood sweetheart?

You're not the Tyler I once knew. You used to fight for what you wanted, but I easily walked away.

And to call me Xela? I... I don't know if you're hallucinating but... really? After two years...

And then to question if I was dating the man I had just met to try and find you?

I'm glad Beau and Ellie can't see what their father became... 

You'd probably call them whatever children you have now...

I feel forgotten and pushed out...

Everything I've done...

Everything I tried doing....

Just only got me hurt....

If this is your reputation in these lands.... If I should expect being hurt....

This isn't like home....

Your business was your business and I never got in the way...

Now it's completely different...

Maybe I'm failing to understand though.... 

The fact that I was so used to the old days...

Maybe I just expected it to be like that...

I'm just happy you moved on..."

She laughs a little, the sound of tears starting as she tries holding back. Her breath shaking as she felt the streams of tears down her cheeks. Before her tone changes more darker, sounding more depressed. It was more of a mumble like she was talking to herself, almost blanking out that she was transmitting.

"You're right... 

I wish you were right....

I wish I had never woken up when I got shot...

This pain I'm feeling is unbearable...

I thought you could at least call me Allison.... Instead of your.... new.... love...

Good luck with your future endevours Bear..."

She places her radio down. Placing herself flat on the bed before hissing in pain. Only causing her to continue to cry, she untucks the photo from her pocket. Staring at it all night long.

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*Ezra takes his brother's radio and moves away from where the Rough Riders had made camp. He takes a deep breath and thumbs the PTT*

"Hey there Mrs. Mitchell...

Look, kiddo, I know you walked in on a situation that you didn't want to see. Tyler's in a bit of a pickle right now, but I promise we're going to figure it out. When we thought you were dead, he was a mess -- evening mentioning your name sent him on a bender on a couple of occasions that are in recent memory. Your absence left a hole in him, and he's been trying to fill it with whatever he can find. We're going to have to figure out a resolution, but as far as I'm concerned you're Tyler's wife. You keep him leveled, keep him smart. Your name holds some weight even in this world. 

In a way, I'm asking for your help here..."

*Ezra releases the PTT and waits for a response.*

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Allison stares at her radio, peeking over the broken glass wit for a quick moment to see the clubhouse. Her eyes narrow back to the radio, her voice heartbroken as ever, somewhat sounding slightly ill.

"I didn't walk into anything Ezra... That man... Jackson? He knew who I was, who I was with at the time and a lot about me I haven't said in years... and I got sliced up for it? Because I was Tyler's wife... I don't want to even think if his new wife has been put through that too... I'm not used to this Ezra, nor do I ever want to be. This was not the deal I agreed to. And then, to try and talk to a man who spoke that her never forgot me. The word of my name put him into the drunken states as I know it would but he couldn't even call me Allison face-to-face. I spent two years... two years Ezra! Looking for him, listening on the radio. The boats where hard to get onto. Passing through hooligan country of England and then around the whole of Europe. It wasn't a one man band job... How can I help him when I can't even help myself... I don't know where to run to but my back and my concious state have been burning high... I don't know what that man carved into me but I think his intention was more put out than I can feel. I have no were elss to run, but at the same time, I don't want to be the one breaking that poor girl's heart. I can't do it... it's not... it's not me... I..."

She places her radio down. Feeling slightly nauseous, holding her head with felt like boiling point.

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*Ezra's voice transcends from polite pleadings, to stern and fatherly. Allison was always the straight shooter, he wasn't going to patronize her.*

"I know you're pissed. I know you're scared. And I know you're hurt, and by God I don't blame ya'. But I got a feeling we're at the edge of disaster here and I'm barely keeping this family together -- because that's what you are, kiddo, family. I know you've been through Hell, but so have we. Slavers, cannibals, extortionists, you name it. Chernarus is the basin in which all the filth of the world runs into -- a stagnant pool of disease. I don't know where's better, but Tyler's at the  edge of becoming part of the crown molding of this shithouse. I'm barely keepin' this shit together Allison -- I'll say it a third time, I'm barely keeping this shit together. You're free to make your own decisions, but Christ I've never felt so alone."

*Ezra takes a deep breath to calm himself as he notices his knuckles have gone white.*

"I don't have any way to console you. It is what it is. I'm sorry."

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Allison listens to Ezra with a struggle to wrap her head on agreeing to it. As he mentioned family she questioned what that even was anymore. Only a word that brought back good memories, not to replace them with what seemed bad. She hiccups in her upset state and responds to Wzra, a more serious tone to mirror off of this.

"I'm not pissed off Ezra. I'm hurt, an' I ain't talking 'bout that Jackson guy either. I'm on about Tyler. I ain't jealous of this women either. But Christ Ezra, you'd think he'd call me by what my name. I don't even sound french!"

She sucks in a hurting wheeze. A soft shakey breath as she held back from the tears.

"You're telling me that opening a man's intestines and pinning them to the wall whilst he was pinned too was OK? Then I don't know... I... I don't want any of this... All I looked for was what i thought was my family... I..."

She holds herself back, nearly accidentally scrunching the picture she had in her hands. The tears she so willingly faught back had finally got the best of her, streaming down her face.


Her voice becomes more quite, softer. Sounding like the day she was introduced to the rest of Tyler's family. Only memories helped her keep sane from screaming down the radio.

"I'll think on it..."

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*Through short tears and gritted teeth Cowboy breaks down and presses the button on his radio.*

"When you came back I had no idea what to think, Hell I still don't, but I saw it as a sign, like my past was comin' round' to give me another chance to do things right this time, but that chance is walking away, to God knows where, and I'm stuck here, I've been with other women since you Allison, I won't lie, but every damn woman I have ever held in my arms, alone at night, I barely see them, the person I see most every time is you........"

*He clips his radio back to his belt, grabbing his gun and cocking the action back, allowing a bullet to leave the chamber before a new one comes in, examining it, and walking into town to cause some sort of havoc to deal with the distress.*

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The broken voice nearly crushes her, she grips her radio tightly with a voice almost sounding like a whisper whilst she held back the tears. The painful lump in the back of her throat made it sound worse. She looks up to the sky, wandering wherever she was. The cold breeze making it all to daunting. She pulls the radio up to her mouth.

"... We need to talk... face-to-face... one more time Tyler... I don't know where we'll start but... I can't live with myself just to walk away... Everything was all too much... I felt like a massive tidal wave towered over me and pulled me into the ocean... I still can't breath properly... But I also need help... My back is still unattended... But I value talking to you first... I have a map... Tell me when and where..."

She clicks her radio off. Inhaling quickly before pushing the hot breath through her mouth. Watching the heat cloud in the sky. All of a sudden, she began to violently shiver. Needing some more warming clothes.

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*Cowboy grips his leg wound where he was shot earlier, the wound is bandaged and cleaned, but the pain is getting to him with everything else going on.*

"All...... Allison, gonna have to postpone that talk...... Got shot, don't feel like doin' much but drinkin."

*You can hear a grunt of pain, before a sad solemn voice returns.*

"On second thought maybe you should go, it's not safe around me, a...... A lot of shit is goin' on, FUCK. Sorry just the pain, Rhett did fine, don't worry he patched us up. Just ummmm....... Stay safe alright? I'll always love you, but maybe it's best this way...... Fuck I dunno anymore, I gotta go alright?"

*The radio cuts to static as a tear falls from his face, not from physical pain, but from the little bit of compassion and love that's still left inside of him.*

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Allison morbidly stares at her radio before feeling the gloom fill her whole chest. Hearing Tyler say what he was saying hurt her more than she could imagine. She talks her radio one last time and responds with a monotone voice. It at first sounded understanding before having to realise she was accepting it fakely.


She says softly before continuing.

"It was nice knowing you Tyler... Keep Tay and Ezra safe..."

Her voice lowers into a struggle.

"I'm going home..."

The radio cuts. Meanwhile, Allison still suffered a fever as her back became heavily infected. As she packed her things, she ends up passing out unconcious on the radio. Her head bounces off the floor as she collapses.

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Allison had been staring at her radio for days on end. Her pale skin covered in sweat, drenching her clothes as she overheated. Every sentence or no sentence at all she would be panting. Unable to bare the fever longly held on for she had only one reason left to fight fof, she hoped. She called her what would be know to as her big brother on the radio. She sounded short of breath and struggled.

"Ez-Ezra... I tried finding he-lp but I got nothing... I tried... I need h-elp before my fever becomes any worse... My back is burning the h-hell up...Ezra...."

She lays forward slightly, squinting as she squirmed with the feeling of a heatwave flooding through her body like an electric shock. Her pain and movement heard through the radio.

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