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Hello, and now goodbye for now

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Hello everyone reading this, many of you don't know that I am a roleplayer (I don't often interact with media) and I fail to make my voice heard in this game. As I am posting this I have played 20 days of DayZRP. I joined for one reason, and that was to have fun, and on a side note, to make new friends that had my interests of RP. Both of these were met within the first 7 days, after that I started to experience some flaws in the community.

I have never seen a community that just doesn't welcome newcomers so well (god bless walk a mile if it works) I was thrown in after my application was accepted and my DayZ instincts kicked in, gear and people, not the quality of the RP the quality is what I wanted, and is still what I wanted as this goes.

I never posted a hello post, not only because I wanted to jump straight in, because it felt like a waste of time, the community has flaws, and on my second week I knew all of these. My character hadn't died yet, and plans for a new character were being made. Upon posting this, I have died 5 times, 4 times by other players and 1 by a glitch in a car. All of the 4 deaths by players I have experienced countless amounts of misuse of this form of RP. The interactions were ranging from 15 seconds, to 5 minutes. Nothing was roleplayed out like it should have been and I have just had it.

These people should not be allowed to do this type of RP. I have not killed or at any point hurt another person or robbed anyone. This amount of GoodRP with good intentions was so minimal that I feared people as much as I did in public games. However I STILL kept my cool and I continued on.

The first death I had, my captors killed me, for no reason and then proceeded to beg for my report to be held back. I held it back, saying that there was no reason and soon I had found gear and I continued to RP. Fast forward a good portion of time, about 5 or 6 days. Today alone I had died twice from the most horrid of RP I had seen in ages. One was by a man who was apart of a group holding some individuals hostage, I approached not knowing, and then they said to drop my weapon, I proceeded to look at him and complied, he then shot and killed me instantly. Fast forward to about now when I am posting this, I had no good rp done to this new character, most of his life was gearing up for the character to work in RP. I approached two men, both weren't willing to RP too much. I was then held at gunpoint, with my rifle in my hands I looked at him and Complied. He started to fire, not stopping, I yelled as loud as I could, "I COMPLY I COMPLY." Next thing you know I die. This is absolutely why there needs to be more things fucking done about this bullshit. Think about this, if you join a PVE server and then die 4 times to other players, you expect some reprecussions. Or as a matter of a fact ANYTHING done about these deaths. Most weren't recorded, and I shouldn't be forced to record just because of these events. These players have no names that I know who killed me. Never was the RP done with intentions, it was small from what I heard, and only in the case of the killed by captors thing, I was done for a reason, the capture was, but not the killing of me. People need to just stray away from this type of play, it is the worst part about this community.

No one in the game has done things to rebuild society. NO ONE has tried to build government or section of the map safe for people. NO ONE has made good intentions WORTH SEEING. I have talked to so many people and all of them say all of this bullshit about saving the whole planet, but yet 5 minutes later I get robbed from the same guy just for me "looking funny" and "lurking" around when I was looting.

This type of RP is what is causing me to leave, my group I am apart of, I am disbanding, and if I do return by a chance, I won't be happy.

Now I know you might say, Just post a suggestion or something else. The community never honestly accepts all of the things passed by the players.

Another side note by the way. I have met 0 groups with good intentions, they never offered anything, they never gave me anything, all the groups I have met have either A) robbed me or B) shot me or C) made me run while shots wis by my character.

The first HostileRP I had was the best I had, and was where me and some friends were taken to Stary's own Lonely House and where I proceeded to see one of those people die, they let me free, but not before shouting, "RUN FOREST, RUN." at the top of their lungs while their squad opened fire on me, missing on purpose.

This community is toxic, I won't be returning unless I see changes, but I expect none so take it how you like, and as my rant on this.

Goodbye. And may the ascended shine upon you

Characters : Zeren Shiemi, Azir Al-sar

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o7 yung lad I appreciate your time to the group sorry you feel this way, I hope you find your enjoyment somewhere else :/

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I'm sorry you feel this way and the experience you seemed to have had here makes me a little sad.

Better luck elsewhere I guess, have a safe trip.

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"No one in the game has done things to rebuild society. NO ONE has tried to build government or section of the map safe for people. NO ONE has made good intentions WORTH SEEING"

New Paris, outrun camps, u.n's headquarters .

Safety is perspective , you may be safe from one group of people and in danger of others. Hostile rp is part of rp. If all of those things you said happened the way they say you happened ( would be surprised if you really have had 0 good rp) then you should have made reports and gotten the rule breakers punished. If there's actual rule breaks and you can't talk them out with the other party, report it. Simple as that. So because no groups have randomly given you anything that's bad? Because many groups are hostile that's bad? I'm sorry I get that you are new here but wow you are robbing yourself of so much rp .

Anyway was an interesting rant. Just some friendly advice is that rp is what you make of it and it's always a two way street. Try harder next time to find some good rp and you will. See you in a few months if you've come back and hopefully your attitude towards the community has changed a bit.

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I feel sorry for you man...

Sounds like you had really bad luck. I just recently got back to the community and I haven't had anything but good and mature RP from both friend and foe. To be fair, this isn't the first I've heard of this being a problem. I've seen videoes and heard people talk about it happening to them and others. It's unfortunate that some people ruin the rp experience for people like yourself.

Most of us try our best to give people we interact with in game good rp. If you ever decide to give this community another go, you can pm me and we can go on an epic adventure together if you'd like.

Until then, o7

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I'm really sincerely sorry you feel this way and hope you'll consider giving us another chance at some point. Until then, goodbye.

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I agree with Undead.

I'm sorry that you didn't get what you expected when playing here.

But: If you feel rules are broken, make a report. Or try to contact these people in private and tell them what they could have done better in your opinion.

There is enough settlements and groups out there that provide good, friendly RP. You can always contact group leaders on the forums and ask for a meetup to get the kind of RP you enjoy.

There is alot of hostile groups out there recently, I agree. But it's the apocolypse and for me it would feel wrong to walk through a town and getting no hostilities at all.

Good luck and I hope you will find what you are looking for when it comes to RP, but please don't blame a whole community for the mistakes that some people made. People that are probably new, just like you, and need to know how to improve.

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The first death I had, my captors killed me, for no reason and then proceeded to beg for my report to be held back. I held it back, saying that there was no reason.

No one in the game has done things to rebuild society. NO ONE has tried to build government or section of the map safe for people. NO ONE has made good intentions WORTH SEEING. I have talked to so many people and all of them say all of this bullshit about saving the whole planet, but yet 5 minutes later I get robbed from the same guy just for me "looking funny" and "lurking" around when I was looting.

Firstly, that sounds like straight up blackmail for that, and for the other ones where you were killed for no reason, you should always report them if you feel a rule has been broken. Even without video evidence from your side, the chances are someone was recording it, and logs will also show evidence as well.

As for the second point I quoted plenty of groups have tried to rebuild society. The first instance of ZBOR tried to rebuild Zelenogorsk and have a hub for people to go to. The problem with holding towns or cities is you need rediculous amounts of manpower to constantly protect it. IT's a hard goal to do, especially when everyone else in the country is against you.

Anyway, it's sad that you didn't enjoy your time here, I hope that maybe you might come back to give it a second chance. o7

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Sorry to see you go, and don't know you really but you seem to have had a bad first experience with people.

I admit that some of the RP can be lack luster, but there are many groups out there that do fantastic rp that you simply haven't meet. Honestly it all depends on where you hang out IG. 

If you hang out at the triangle, then expect to be robbed and treated like you are a bandit. Seeing as this is where most of the hostile rp is at right now. Which isn't always a bad thing, if you run into the right people. To name a few groups that I have heard nothing but good from. New Moon, Horsemen, and Alba 19. All of them know how to hostile rp, and give as good as they receive. Sorry if I am missing some here, but that is the ones of now. I know some will disagree with me, but these are my opinions.

You need to length your boarders, because I also know that there are people both North and South with great RP which again Ill name just a few so I do not clog your leaving thread up. In the north you have the whole Northern Alliance! Who have a settlement up there, somewhere you just have to find it. They have a few groups that are included here, which are the 101,Lovec, and The Haven. Don't quote me here, seeing as I do not spend time in the north some of this might have changed. But these guys have awesome RP, and might be a little hostile. Who wouldn't during this point in the Apocalypse. Settlements are hard to come by though, mainly because they are not advertised. People keep them quiet, and let it spread word of mouth. So bandits do not come over and take over.

Anyway, then you have the players in the south, which I myself have recently been part of. I am having a blast myself. I will name a few that I am pretty sure hang in the south. Which are Our Harbor, Regulators, and Mooon Runners. I have had the pleasure of RPing with a few of these groups and I can say nothing but good things so far. 

Then you have the nomads, who like to roam all over the map and its hard to track them down. Though, when you do the rp can be nothing but great,. Some of these groups are not around anymore but I like to name them. The Trust, Coldwater, and well The Roamers hehe. But I might be wrong again on some of these, but I seem them all over the place. Here and there, moving about.

In short, you have been here less then a month and have had a few bad experiences which I am sorry you have had. But, as others have stated you have to try hard to find that good rp. Though in the future, even if you do not have video evidence throw up a report if you feel you were wronged. There are ways for us to find out sometimes, and you have the right to make reports.

Anyway, my rant is over and hope you return with a better outlook.

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I just hope you aren't doing what many people are doing, creating a leaving thread for drama and coming back the next day.

This is not a pve server and the apocalypse isn't a teaparty. There were/are people trying to rebuild society, but you wont meet them if you are running around in the triangle the entire day. If someone breaks the rules report it, of course you need evidence, why should anyone believe you? Ypu arent more trustworthy than anyone else.

Anyway, good luck on a pve server.

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Sad to see a member of the community go :(

It looked like you had some bad luck on the server when it comes to finding RP...

I hope that when you return you will find the most awasome RP on these servers (believe me they exist)

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1. This is not a PvE server. You talk like it is, that's a problem. Never has been, never will be a PvE server.

2. You're scared of other people? Good. You should be. It's a zombie apocalypse after all. Go to the northern side of the map, they tend to be friendlier and fewer people that will take your gear and kill you.

3. Nobody has tried to rebuild society? About 40 different groups has. You just haven't played long enough to have seen it.

4. Your post is INCREDIBLY one sided and it's very clear it's not the full truth. You write that you "comply" every time, one time you mention "you comply with your gun" and get shot which very much makes it sound like you didn't properly comply. Press F2 and put your hands up. You'll see people are probably not going to kill you. It sounds like alot of these situations are the result of your actions or inactions and you're simply too stubborn to see the other side. Think back to these times, did you follow their demands or did you still pose a threat? I don't care if you think "but i was clearly not going to shoot them". If you kept your gun, you were still a threat and didn't comply.

Overall - Sorry for your attitude and your experiences. But I can't interpret your post as anything other than one-side of the story with a fair bit of hints that you're part of the problem.

Hope you calm down and have a self-critical look at yourself before giving it another try. If you're too stubborn for that, I hope you find yourself a new community or another game that you can actually enjoy without the stress and the negative parts of this communitys atmosphere. That's a point we can agree on. The community has flaws, but it's the only community that has any quality enforced in-game. I've tried multiple others and they've barely held their ground for more than a week.

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I appriciate all of the positive messages, many people have talked so much about these groups that have done work for the servers etc.

Anyways, on to my replies to the people who have posted.

Sidenote: I have calmed down, however not in a position to join back.

I would reply to the people that posted positive notes, but at this point, I can only give you my best thanks. I do take back a lot of what I said. This community has its flaws, and all people can agree, but it does have these people who take time out of their day to respond to my rant. I thank all of you, and at one point I have made a choice.

In time, I WILL be returning. However as it stands, the time frame may be unknown.

On to responds:

Sasha: I appriciate the hardness on me, and I do agree with all you say, but let me add something, when you play as short of a period as I have and have had the type of RP I have had, then I would think that you too would be pissed off. I do gives thanks to the point that you say it is one-sided, and it is, it is my opinion, and within the time frame I had to play, I think it could have been better, that is on my fault and I do apologize deeply.

Grimnr: I do want you to understand something, because evidence is such a small thing that I complain about, I DO NOT want to record my gameplay or stream it all the time due to rulebreaks. It takes up hard drive, and my performance ingame goes down to almost unplayable levels. Another thing, PVE is a thing that I have played, the main reason I joined this server was for the best mix of both public games and the PVE roleplay that I have had. Also another thing, I dont need to record, people need to improve their RP.

Aiko: I love the message you gave, and I want to say so much thanks. These groups that you have talked so much about I have experienced so much minimal amounts. I have experienced Our Harbor, as well as some Nomad groups. It seems that in this time, I have not experienced too much of them. When I come back, I will spend so much more time with these groups as well as growing mine. 

Undead and FF: Both of you make so many valid points. My lack of experience is a clear sign that I have no experience with many groups, as time goes I just have to talk with more people and carry less gear worth taking. I do have to admit though, that the idea of taking a town, small or big, is a big idea, but with these MASSIVE groups out there. I do have to say that I am more than surprised that no one has tried in the smallest sense to try it. Maybe they have, I dont know.

Wow, that was a lot of typing, anyways back on to why I chose to quit temporarily. 

Being a massive League Of Legends player, I always have a side project to work on or a game to keep me not a literal Chernobyl amount of toxicity. At this time, the league season is only a few days to end and my ranks are where I want them to be. During the preseason (time when season ends and when the new one starts) is about 1 month, meaning that during this time I have to get used to the stupid amount of changes and practice the shit out of my characters. When the season starts, around December 10thish unless I find a new community, I WILL be joining back, possibility with a group and a new character. 

All of the messages are accepted, and I am so grateful to have a community like this. 

Good luck. And may the ascended shine upon you.

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Bye. I agree with some of what you wrote. Have a good one.

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I am sorry you feel that way. Unfortunatly lately indeed there is a major downside in the RP from my side as well but i know there are some great rpers

Hope to see you back here man we can use more like you here. until then take care ;)

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