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A message to Tate Hollows(Open)

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*A man looks down at the radio in his hand "Ta.....Taaa....ate Holl...ows" he says to himself, struggling to remember who Tate Hollows even is.

He presses down on the transmit button and begins to speak in a confused voice.

"Hell...hello my name is Robert Smith, I um... I think I am at least. Almost a... year ago I was a shot in the head, it um... messed me up pretty good. Thats one of the few thing I um... do remember. Anyways, I also remember the name Ta..Ta...Tate Holl...Hollows. I don't know who the hell he is or how I know him. So...um if you are listening Tate, I um..need your help.

*Robert sets the radio on the ground and begins to cry "Who the hell am I?"

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