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*Alec gets near the home town and hides in a safe place close by, he watches for some time and after seeing no movements and under a heavy rain he decides to use the radio*

Hi guys, as I promised yesterday when we came across, I brought some supplies to show you my good will. I don't know if you are around or not, but I can not keep holding all of this stuff with me. Please if you are aroud let me know and otherwise tell me where can I leave all of this. I'll try to hold here but I'm quite sick due to the storm and Hypothermia

thanks guys

*puts down the radio and looks for shelter under the trees*

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:: Sturner takes his radio and quickly mumbles ::

- Again, supplies are nice and your effort are appreciated. Don't think we'll take the bait still. We won't be around Balota for too long. For the record, we are people, not Harbor people.

:: Sturner turns off his PPT, nd goes back to roasting the rabbit in his new home ::

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