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Doing the youtubes. (Getting Better Gear)

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(This post may be moved if needed. I'm unsure where to post it, as it is mainly questions, that aren't concerning the game though.)

So, I'm very original and want to record DayZRP. I can't believe no one else has done this. (Sigh's internally. kill me)

Anyways, before I do actually take recording content seriously I want to get the right gear to do so. Because currently I'm... using my lap top mic.

 *GASP* "LOOK AT THIS [Whitename]MAN USING HIS, HIS!!! I can't even bring myself to say it..."

(Plz no take whitename joke seriously, it joke, laugh. "Ha ha" funny, yes?)

No I haven't gotten any complaints from anyone. My friend simply said one time: "If we were iin a group of 5 people, everyone talking. Your voice would over power everyone." He didn't say anything about the quality (Though I'm sure it's not great.)

So, 1. I'm looking for a good mic. If it matters where I would be recording there could possibly be lots of back ground noise. I.E. Dogs barking, doors opening/shutting, cars. etc. So I'd be looking for a mic that has good quality of me, but doesn't pic up everything around me...

So, 2. I'd be looking to get a new head set. If it had a mic built into it (That is good, I'd take it.) I've been looking at sets of Boss, they seem good? Yay or nay?

I won't really concern my self with recording software, because if I can't record the game and have steady frames I would still want a mic, and a new head set. Regardless if I can record. (So my RP'd be better.)

If anyone has any suggestions, if not. Okie, thanks for reading? (Like I said before, no take whitename joke seriously.)

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well it depends on what budget u have for a mic and headset, the thing is headset mics are ok but nowhere near as good as desk mics like the blue yeti, at2020.

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Headsets do not have good mics. decent sure, not good though.  I personally have an AT2020 like what was suggested above ^

It is a great mic and it has always served me well.  Of course I have a desk stand for it and a shock mount which is what I recommend.  The desk mount will allow the mic to be off the table reducing vibrations and allowing adjusting to position it correctly from your face.  The shock mount is obvious, it reduced vibrations significantly making the recording much better.  I also have a pop filter but that's pretty optional, if your not making anything too crazy you don't need that.

It also lies within programs too.  Audacity is great for canceling out background noise and what not.  It's super easy to learn how to improve quality in the program too.

Hope it helps.

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