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To Jack Lemons [Open Frequency]

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*Charlie takes a deep breathe as he looks at the radio in his hands. He presses the PTT button, pausing for a few seconds as he formulates in his mind what he wants to say. He brings the radio to his mouth and starts to speak in shaky voice*

This is a call to Jack Lemons and anyone who knows him.

Jack... If you're there, we need to talk...

*He sighs, and subconsciously brushes his disfigured ear from their last encounter*

Look, I've been alone for a long, long time. And that's given me time to think. Travelling on your own for that long, it isn't... nice. I've been so fuckin' lost without people who I care for and care who care for me. It's driven me to...bad places.

You were my only friend left Jack, and what you did nearly killed me...

*He takes another deep breathe before saying*

But I think, with time, I can forgive you. 

Look if anything, I just want to talk to a friendly face from the good old times, ya' know? No tricks or anything. Maybe somehow we can sort this fucking mess out...

Contact me or if anyone hears this and knows Jack, tell him I called.

Hopefully see you soon.

*Charlie releases the PTT button and slowly slumps to the floor, his head in his hands and the radio left on beside him*

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*Jack hears the voice of Charlie and looks amazed, He presses down the PTT button and starts to speak*

"Well Hello there Charlie...."

*A Small Pause*

"Long time ehh... Never thought of you contacting me..."

*He Sighs, and starts to think of old good memories*

Well as i am not gonna back out of this, i am gonna trust you that your not gonna pull something on me, for good old times sake.

If were really gonna decide to meet up and have a chat, location and time should be discussed over a more Secure Frequency my friend...

*Takes a Breathe*

"Well Alright I'll Be Waiting For Your Answer...."

*He Releases the PTT Button,  And puts his radio in the pocket"

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*Charlie grins as he hears Jack's voice over the radio and replies immediately*

Man it's good to hear from you Jack! Glad to hear you're ok...

*He pauses, smiling as he takes in what's happening*

Yeah, probably best if we switch to a more secure frequency, I'll be in touch with you there.

And... thanks. For getting in contact. Means a lot...

*He releases the PTT button and switches to a more secure frequency*

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