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Mr. Black? - [Private Frequency]

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*Presses down the button on his police radio and begins transmitting.*

"This is a message to Mr. Black I believe? We met in a forest located near Pogorevka, along with someone named Zeke. I apologize for the misfortune of your merchandise being deemed useless and unsellable. However, that aside, I wish to speak with you privately in order to discuss various things. We will both set some guidelines before setting the meeting point. If you agree to this, please respond soon."

*He releases the button and waits for a response.*

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*Daniel smoking a cigarette hears the radio, he listens and flicks on the PTT*

Meet me about what? Business.... 

Sure , I would like that very much

I don't give a fuck about that guy dying to be honest 

He was a cunt 

Be in contact pal


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*Riker presses down on the PTT button.*

"You set a date and a time, I will set the place."

*He looks at a map.*

"Nadezhdino, you bring two men, will be three in total including yourself. I will bring two as well, this way we know nothing hostile will happen. I put my trust in you, so I hope you put your trust in me."

*He releases the button and ends the message.*

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