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Meeting The Horsemen (Open Freq)

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*Braxton picks up his radio, he then presses the PTT and his voice begins to fill the frequency*

"To anyone listening... My name is Braxton. You may know me, you may not, to be honestly I really don't care. I'm making this announcement to give people the opportunity to come talk to us. Who is us you may ask, I'm sure you heard of the Horsemen right? Of course you have because who hasn't at this point? Well If you haven't let me give you a quick rundown of what you need to know about us."

*His voice suddenly gets louder*

"Stay away from the Airfield North West of the country and stay out of Grishino."

*His voice calms down*

"Alright well I do have some information that you people may wanna hear. The Horsemen are opening Grishino for a set time to meet with other groups or individuals. We are offering to meet with other groups that wish to make agreements or deals with us. We are not saying that anything is set in stone, but we will listen to your offers. How this is gonna work is that if you want to meet with us you will schedule the date and time. The location will be my group and I's town Grishino, no other location will be accepted. You will bring us the terms of your deal and we'll change it according to our liking. You'll only be allowed in the town if your meeting is about to take place, no other exceptions. Also if you just try and ambush, I wouldn't, because If any red flags come up we'll just slaughter all those who are involved. People tried before and obviously they failed, so lets just try to do things professionally this time."

*He takes a short breath before continuing*

"I hope this is good news to some of you who are in a shitty predicament and wanna get out. We're giving this time to try and speak your peace and help us help you. I'll be waiting for your responses, see you all around."

*Braxton releases the PTT and the transmission fills with static*

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*Austin holds out his hand as Kelsie hands him his radio*

"Helllllooo, everyone as a reminder if you don't want to openly broadcast your plans on here or the fact that you even want to speak to us, if your anyone of importance you have my private frequency and you can feel free to contact me there. I look forwards to seeing you all. To those civilians looking for safety and a home perhaps we can work something out, to those groups looking to take revenge or power perhaps we can work something out, and to those who just want to see what we're all about come on over and have a chat with us. 

*Austin's smile flickers as he frowns pausing for a second*

Just don't start any shit or end up like the last army that rolled through Grish and was picked off one by one. See you all soon!! 

*His smile returns as he tosses the radio back to Kelsie and grabs his pack*

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*Dmitri turns his radio on laughing to himself*

"Ha, but Austin how am I to tell your boys all about how you drink hobo piss if I am to stay away from airfield?"

*He turns his radio off, more of him laughing can be heard as the transmission ends* 

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*Maxwell flicks on the radio after hearing that joke of a broadcast, chuckling to himself as he dials in the frequency and tunes the radio. Taking a few breaths to compose himself he raises the radio to his mouth, pauses and spits out some phlegm, before hitting the transmission button to the on position*

"Well, we all know you're here alright... *He chuckles throatily over the radio* you boys have made quite a name for yourselves alright, ambushing travellers, hiding in trees, shooting innocent people, quite the name indeed. All shall fear the 4 donkeys of the apocalypse, no? Whoops, I meant horsemen" 

*he openly laughs on the frequency, cackling like the Banshee of old*

"Aside from ambushing idiots and imposing a cordon that no fuckwit with half a mind listens to, I'm yet to see you guys display dominance and sufficiently hold territory... I respect you morons, despite my tone, you're not to be fucked with, I'll grant you that... But... I've heard tell of many, many smugglers slipping past your iron curtain and living to tell the tale...

Perhaps the Horsemen and the people of New Hibernia can discuss... an exchange..."

*"God damn moron, sticking his radio like that" Maxwell muttered to himself as he slipped the radio back into the unconscious man's pocket, leaving no way for the frequency to be traced back to New Hibernia*

*Maxwell turns around and retrieves the radio and flicks it on again*

"The Good King Louie frowns upon bestiality... Pony Fuckers"

*Dropping the radio, Maxwell stamps on it repeatedly while its transmitting, smashing it to a thousand tiny black shards, flying off into the dirt*

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*Kojo hears the transmission, and eagerly picks up his radio to respond*

Greeting, My name is Kojo Akiwimba, I am the leader of the *radio static* Organization, I would love to take the opportunity to discuss relations between my people and your own. You can expect me and and my men to come for the meeting within a few days.

*Kojo goes puts his radio down, and continues tinkering with a small engine*

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*Cowboy nearly bursts out laughing at this.*

"You boys sure wanna help out alright, runnin' to the East to disrupt our own product runnin', as well as try and stir the shit pot with us, you boys ain't nothin' but your typical run on the mill billy badass that talks a good game but then goes back on everything they say.  Stay outta the North-West?  Fine, well you men stay outta the East because that's our turf, you ain't gettin' shit from us, so stop actin' like you will, tell fuckin' Leboria if he comes near my brothers again?  I'll kill him and hang his body in front of the Clubhouse for all of Chernarus to see.  I'm tired of fucks like you tryin' to claim massive turf and then not even stickin' to it."

*He slams the radio down, looking at his injured wife with a frown.*

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*Artemus pushes down the PTT and you hear some laughter before he speaks*

We would be inclined to meet with you and your people but before anything is set in stone one thing would have to be clear and apart of the deal, my leaders, people, and myself must be allowed passage threw your parts and in return we would allow the same in our territory, before we set a time I look to hear back from you on this frequency.

*You hear some more laughter before the radio goes silent* 

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*Mr Chang presses on the PTT, grinning as he does so*

I'm irrelevant as fuck but shoot, I'm bringing my group of one homeless man into Grishno to say hi to you cats. God knows where else I can drag my annoying ass into, everywhere else is suuuuper boring these days. Too much edginess for my taste. Expect me around you and yours in a few hours, tomcats. Chang is back in business baby.

Well, sort of, if you can count wasting space as Joffrey used to term it unpleasantly as an occupation.

*he nods to his small group of radio operators before leaving the compound, heading west*

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Darren holds down the PTT

"I can go to Grishino without getting shot? I might be there... eh, maybe not. If I do go there, I'm not being forced into a merchant or getting shot... and definitely not stabbed in the chest, Roger!... that fucking hurt...  

He holds his chest

Ah, you're probably not listening.  Anyway, I have no clue if I'll be there because I'm doing important stuff n' all."

He releases the PTT 

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