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Open Frequency, Brother Anderson's Call for Help (71.6 MHz)

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*Once tuned into the frequency, a message on repeat can be heard*

Hello to anybody out there, my name is Brother Anderson, I am located at a church, a place of sanctuary where I can help the wounded and feed the hungry...

*Static for a few seconds*

I have been held up for a few days and many have come across me, taking what supplies they need and some returning them in good will. However, bad people have come, sinners, and have robbed the church of everything. I am not looking for weapons, but any supplies that could be donated to the grounds would be appreciated, I repeat this message for an hour every day. I am looking for barrels, cooking equipment, food, medical supplies, anything that I can pass onto others to generate some hope. Please note, I do not want any weapons and am always looking for help in setting up as well as protection if God wills it. Please do not come and take everything, there is only so much to go around. 

*A few seconds of static follow once more*

I hope someone is listening, I am happy to help those who seek advice or repent their sins do so. If you wish to talk further, please wait for these repeated messages to end within the end of this hour. If you have any questions, or wish to locate my specific position then talk on this frequency when the time is right, may God be with you all...this message will repeat in five seconds" 

*Five seconds later...*

Hello to anybody out there, my name is Brother Ande...

*The message plays again and again until the end of the hour...*

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*holds down ptt*

Hey buds you guys still alive and in need to supply's 

i could do some runs for ya

*releases ptt*

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