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198.5 Looking for old friends (Open)

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*After the long trek back from Miroslavil, Andrei smiles as he sees the ruins of the quarantine at South Zagoria, tanks and military vehicles litter the landscape like cattle grazing in a field, a solemn reminder of what he left behind. Andrei climbs on to a derelict T90 and takes a seat on the turret and pulls out his radio. He then looks at the worn radio, not knowing if anyone he knew was still alive. After a few seconds he dials the radio to an old frequency his friends used to use and lifts the radio to his mouth and presses the PPT button and begins to speak*

I'm not sure if theres anyone I know left in South Zagoria... I couldn't find that slithery prick Mark anywhere.. He left everyone.. We only went along with what he told us.. Fighting those shitheads in Zelenogorsk was for nothing.

*Andrei pauses as the wind blows through the field, the odd sound of metal shifting in the breeze is heard*

If Cathal, Bobby or Peter are left alive you shitheads had better have some good vodka set aside for me.... We need to speak.

*Andrei releases the PPT button from his radio slides it into his bag and hops the tank and continues moving deeper into the South Zagoria region*

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Bobby picks up his radio surprised

Cathal... dead. Peter... dead.  Elias... dead. Martin... dead. Evan... dead. Lucas... dead. John... dead. Bonni ... dead. Charley ... dead and finally Mark ... dead.

Bobby chuckles

I am the only one left. It seems I always keep on kicking. We need to talk? Sure... I look forward to it, old man.

Bobby coughs

Name a time and a place old man, a time and a place. I have plenty of whisky... old friend.

Bobby puts down his radio with a smile on his face

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*As Andrei nears Sinistok he hears a familiar voice buzz through his radio and he nearly drops the radio at the list of his old friends who have met their end. He quickly collects himself and presses the PPT button*

Bobby.. its good to hear your still alive.. I went searching for that scumbag Mark when he just up and left us all..

*Andrei pauses as he thinks of a spot to meet*

How about we meet up at the old base near Zelenogorsk? Ill be there in a few hours bratr, stay safe.

*Andrei packs away his radio and picks up his pace south*

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:: A voice comes over the frequency ::

"I would've thought Mark and you lot would've changed frequencies. This one hasn't been used in a long time. Best stay that way."

:: The transmission fades out ::

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