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A message to Mr. Cruz - [Priv Freq]

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*A static transmission plays over the airwaves.*

"This is a message to the one and only Mr. Cruz, this is Commander Riker of the mercenary organisation Coldwater. I wish to speak with you in a private manner, I understand if you do not trust me, but I am a man of my word when I say that me nor my men will not attack you or any men you wish to bring to this meeting if you agree to see me. I wish to speak of our past encounters and wish to broker a peace with our two parties. If you agree with this meeting, please respond within the hour."

*The transmission ends with a click.*

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*Victor hears the transmission. He debates with himself whether or not to respond. After he finishes his contemplation. He decides to respond*

"Orale pues... I'm curious as to how this meeting will go. So we will meet under my conditions. East of Pulkovo, there is a solitary house. Our meeting will take place in front of the house within the hour. I will have two men with me. There will be three of you to ensure there are no problems. I assume you amigos will honor this conditions as men. Arre. See you there."

*Victor hangs up his radio and begins to hike up North*

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