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The Island? (Open Freq.)

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Dylan flicks on his Radio, shivering from the cold.

"Hello? Is anyone out there? Im stuck on an island near the giant prison looking place, I've tried to swim to the prison island since its bigger but the water is too cold...Im shaking, I may be dying but im not sure...Please someone help..."

Dylan slowly lets off the PTT putting the radio on the muddy ground with his shaky hand.

He flicks on the PTT again

"I swam here last night, I thought I saw something on the island so I thought one of my friends was there...His name was Sam, I havent heard from him for almost a month..Im worried about him, When I started swimming it got really foggy and I lost track of where I was...I ended up hitting this small patch of land maybe, 50 or so feet from the main island...I just dont know what to do or if anyone is even on the island anymore...I just dont want to die like this...I really fucking dont."

He lets go of the PTT and falls back onto the muddy ground, almost giving up.

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