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To Camp 101 and all the Northern Alliance

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*Alec tries to calm down after listening to all the tense situation going on in the north, he feels really powerless being so far away, he grabs the radio*

Hi everybody in the NA, as I've told to some of you I came south for various reasons, one is to try to make some medical reserch and try to find a treatment for brain flu and trying to get as much medical supplies as I can. But mainly I came this far to assess hostile activity and to establish contact with friendly people and groups in the south so we can unify efforts, resources and strategy to protect each other and gradually sorround the hostiles, bandits and criminals. If anyone has any info that could help me in my mission and/or any request or needs from here, please let me know. In the meantime I'll try to stay alive and return home, if I'm found and I become a hostage and anybody contacts you for my rescue I'm willing to die before giving any info that could put any of the good people at risk, so don't pay attention to any demand.............................................................................stay safe....

*He leaves the radio with the firm objective of finishing what he came for*

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*Holds down the PTT*

Your doing gods work.

*Lets go of the PTT*

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