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It's That Time Again.

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"It's that time again... To revisit your failure as a husband.... To see your dead wife... MY dead daughter!" The voice was coming from a man at the foot of Jame's bed. But James wasn't afraid. This was normal for him. He knew her father would never think that stuff.... hopefully anyway. When he sat up and rubbed his eyes, the man was gone, but he was right. It WAS that time again. To make his yearly visit to Gorka... Where her grave would be waiting. 

James stood up out of bed, stretched, and gathered his things. He grabbed his bag, and walked to down the wooden steps of the small two story house he had found shelter in last night. He was sure it was somewhere in Kehlm, but his Russian was lacking, so he just made guesses. James walked to his blue jacket, and swung it on. As he did, a small photo fell from a pocket on the inside of his jacket. He keeled down and picked it up, then looked at it. He couldn't help but show a smile, with a couple tears run down his face. It was the picture of him and his wife at their wedding, just after they had kissed. Her smile was what he missed the most. He got up every day just to be able to see it again. But then the memories started to turn sower as he started to think about what happened in Gorka. It was within the first few weeks of the out-brake. Her father had left to assist the CDF a few days back. Their house, and home town for that matter, was overwhelmed with infected. Hence why they where making their way to Berezino. He had heard the towns further north where doing better, but he and his wife would soon come to find that many MANY others had the same idea.  James saw the looks on all their faces as the crowd was at a halt. Way up at the checkpoint into the town was trying to tell everyone to turn away. James looked to everyone getting restless and being asked to leave was making some panic, others angry, and some both. It was a bad mix, and he wasn't going to stay to find out. He took her hand and fled west to Gorka.

The hike took a few hours of the day, and it was getting pretty dark. Him and his wife where the only ones around. as the approached the entrance of the small town, he heard a noise. One that sent chills down his spine of how close it was. Right there, not even 10 feet in front of him was an infected. It looked to him and his wife  with its soulless eyes. He pulled out his rifle and looked to his wife "RUN!"... she did what he said and started to run back the way they came. Immediately  after she had turned to run, James turned and aimed the gun at it's head as it was beginning to make its charge. With one loud 'BANG', the top half its skull exploded and the corpse fell mid run, sliding to James's feet. He bolted hearing the others near him where attracted to the gunshot. They where running at him. He managed to gain some ground to catch up to his wife, but when he looked up to her, He saw it... A lone infected standing under a tree just ahead of her, and was looking straight at her. He aimed his rifle as he ran trying to take his shot, And with a press of the trigger, the bullet fired... It missed.. The Infected male then charged her, and she never saw it coming. It tackled her to the ground and she screamed at the top of her lungs, "JAAAMES!".

James aimed once more and shot, but there was no ammo left in the clip. His eyes widened as it leaned over and take a large chunk of her throat and ripped it out with it's bare teeth. Blood gushed everywhere. James tackled the thing of her and beat it's skull repeatedly with the butt of the rifle until it was gone for good. He turned to his wife in a pool of her own blood, the life completely drained from her eyes. Tears began to form and looked up to the group of infected that had been following. They where just about to him and he wiped any tears showing. He ran the opposite direction towards Polana. He would hold off there for the next few days until all the chaos in the distance was over. Days after the distant gunshots ended, James made his way back to Gorka, and soon enough, he saw her. Exactly where she was when he fled. he slowly walked to her and fell to his knees. He cried. He fell to his side hugging her lifeless body and cried for a good 10 minutes. After he stopped and collected himself. He got up and looked around. He left to go find a shovel and came back to start digging a hole. 

James just placed the last lump of dirt back onto the pile over her grave. He walked over to the tree the infected had come from to tackle her, and broke two big branches, and tied them together with some rope into a cross. He walked back to the grave and set it in the ground. Once he did, he got on his knees in front of it and prayed. He didn't believe in God, but if there was one, He only wished that she was in a better place. James stood up wen he was done, and turned around, walking away. She would have wanted him to keep going. Which is exactly what he did.

James sighed and shook his head. He put the photo back in his pocket and swung his back-back on and opened the door to the small wooden home. "Well Hannah,.... It's that time again."



It was just past midnight when James arrived in Gorka. He would have gotten here a day earlier, If he hadn't been chased out of Berezino  by infected going the long way around. But he made it. That's all he could ask for. As he began walking into the town, he did his best not to think about everything that has happened up till now. He might have been doing his best to help any passing soul he has met, but the fact of the matter is that he was lonely. He wished Hannah was still here. That he didn't miss that shot. But there was nothing he could do about it now. Jame's best shot at this point would probably  be to find one of those groups he has heard about. He's heard about The Rough Riders, The Clowns, and the Horsemen, and quite a few more, but those three where the ones he's heard more about recently, whether those where good places for him or not,He would probably find out soon enough. But he could think about this later. He was there.

Just before James got to the grave, he looked around and then saw what he was looking for at the house ext to him. He walked to the front yard and saw a nice row of flowers growing. He picked a few then returned to her grave. he got on his knees and placed the flowers, and took a deep sigh. "I'm sorry Hannah.... Your probably tired of me doing this every year, or what i think is every year anyway. Could have been just a few months for all i know." He chuckled, but was silent for a long moment. " I... I miss you Hannah. Your the only reason I can force myself out of whatever bed I'm sleeping in and keep going.... I know i promised I wouldn't hurt anyone unless I absolutely had to... But that's not an option anymore.... I'm sorry. I will never hurt anyone innocent, but if they are a danger to me or anyone i might be with at the time, i will have to do what i have to..." James sighed looking down. He hated to say it, but it was true. If he wanted to survive out here, he would need to find a group or faction. It might cost a piece of himself, but it would be worth it... hopefully. "I still haven't seen your father either... But i wont give up hope. I'm sure hes out there somewhere still. He was apart of the CDF. He knows how to take care of himself. I will find him, i promise..." James teared up a little but with a smile. He took out his wedding photo and looked at it for a while. The sun began to rise over the hills in the distance. He pulled out a roll of string from his back-pack and tied the photo around the center of the cross.After doing so, he sat next to the cross and watched the sun rise.

After a long while, James stood up and took a deep breath, "...I love you Hannah...." With that, James started walking. He was headed south. He heard he there where some groups down by the coast that might be what he's looking for.

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Theres some good detail in this read my friend. Keep up the good work :)

Thanks man. Im kinda new to writing stuff like this, so excuse my pleb creative writing skills xD

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I think you write the story really well :)

Well Thank you c: I have been trying my best. it nice to hear people say they are enjoying it.

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