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This Holy Place [Open Frequency]

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*Maxwell finishes praying to his 3 patron Tuath De Danann, asking for luck and strength for the coming days. Bleeding slightly from a somewhat mended gunshot wound, he painfully stands and nods respectfully to the De Danann. Looking up at the bright morning sun, mourning the loss of his comrades at the church, Maxwell raises his radio to his lips and flips on the transmission*

"My friends are dead, shot and killed by the vigilantes attacking those god damn Clowns. We were worshipping in the church, a holy, sacred place where no blood should be shed, yet flow it did. A friend dear to my heart now lies in peace with the De Danann, our gods, instead of living in this world with me! A god damn crossfire because some god damn heroes decide they're gonna clean up Chernarus all by themselves; I don't god damn think so. Vigilantes serving justice? No... They fired indiscriminately, killing unarmed men, learned men from my tribe and friends dear to my heart... Yet they serve "justice."

*He coughs a few times, spitting out light green phlegm onto the cool morning grass*

"So... I have a proposition... Anybody, anywhere, finds those god damn vigilantes and brings em to me... There'll be a reward so fucking big you'll have to make two god damn trips just to carry that shit back home. You hide them from us, you shelter them in your homes, your houses, your hidden alcoves? We will find your homes, we will knock on your god damned doors, you will let us in because if you don't... I. Will. Knock. It. Down."

"No Survivors"

*A few seconds of static followed by an audible clicking sound*

"I'm pretty fucked up too... anybody good with a needle n thread?"

*Throwing his radio into his backpack, he moves swiftly across the slippery grass. With murder on his mind, Maxwell makes for home*

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*CJ picks up the Radio and chuckles*

*Presses down the PTT*

"These so called clown hunters you talk about my friend are all dead! *laughs uncontrollably* 

The four bullet holes that got put inside me is nothing compared to the bullet holes my friends put through their head!"

*CJ speaks in a more respectful tone*

"Your friend died valiently and his killers did not last the night! I had one of them on his knees begging for his life. So we showed him how life can easily be removed piece by piece. "

" on a side note, I will never forget the guys who helped me, thank you dearly"

*CJ releases the PTT and looks down at the blood stained clothes his is wearing*

"Wish I could find my god damn blue shirt"

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*Barely holding on to his temper, Maxwell raises his radio in outrage, his voice filled with anger*

"There. Are. Always. More..."

"Show me their bodies, or I can't stop hunting"

*He continues along the causeway, navigating a tricky stone path with a nearly healed leg and his wound aching in his side. Once safely across, he clicks the transmission button on his radio again and adopts a concerned tone*

"Four holes in you eh circus boy? There'll be no acting for a while then I'd imagine... Radio me if you're... in town... *he chuckles drily"

eh old boy?"

"Give Kitty my love, speak soon..."

*He clicks the transmission off and continues to follow the meandering river back home, wondering whether or not he'll have a home to come back to*

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*Solace listens and frowns. After a few moments she hits the PTT, using a calm but much deeper voice than usual. Keeping anyone from recognizing her voice*

"Um... mister guy from church? I'm really sorry about your friends. I know how bad that hurts. It's not fair that you all got caught in the crossfire. Nothing seems fair now. Maybe you should talk to some of the people those clowns took captive? Learn how they took a large group of people an tortured em, killed a bunch. I'm not saying it evens anything out, but maybe you would understand why these people went after the clowns, trying to keep em from doing it again."

"I can't bring your loss back, but maybe you should think about what you're saying. You're asking everyone to just let you into their homes an whatnot. That is a bad plan. Don't let your grief an rage blind you."

"Romans 12:17-21. Shortened version anyways. Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight if all. So far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all. Beloved, neveravenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of god....do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good."

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*Maxwell grins as he hears the naive voice over the radio, chuckling heartily to himself, his heart slightly touched by the naive tone yet strangely angry at their message*

"You think you can stop me from avenging my friends with a god damn radio message? This holier than thou bullshit doesn't fly with me, I'm a peaceful man by nature but these vigilante fucks shot me, blew a holy place to high hell, interrupted my god damn worship and killed MY FUCKING FRIENDS!"

*The angry message, taking its toll on Maxwell, forces a spasm of pain through his left side and he groans angrily over the radio, shedding a few hardened tears*

"In my culture, we believe there is a natural order of things... *he pauses to catch his breath* The natural order is this, darling, and its really very simple, you leave us alone, we'll leave you alone. You shoot up my place of worship, you kill my friends, men of peace, then you. Must. Pay. There is nothing else for it, I am a religious, tolerant man but violence, violence is something I am very, very capable of..."

"Your people may believe in turning the other cheek, my people are not so weak... We will avenge our friends..."

*He tucks his own sacred text and radio away in his backpack, before beginning to tend to his own wounds, the seeping, jagged mess that made a home in his side*

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"Oh believe me, I am not 'holier than thou.' I'm very different. An I don't turn to look the other way. I know when its time for words to end a conversation or a bullet. I get wanting vengence. But you're talking about taking innocent lives, any innocent life. You want vengence, fine. Just don't take it out on the wrong people. Make you get the real stories, then unleash at the right people."

"Also be sure to boil any needle and thread real well before stitching. Also the wound is clean. Other option is to cut a rag to ribbon size an pack the wound with it. Change it twice a day. Put a call on the radio to Hope, she can direct you to medical attention."

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*He shakes his head tiredly, just finishing stitching his wound up with a sterilised needle and stitching. Tying off the last thread, he wipes his hands on a bloody towel lying next to him on the cracked leather sofa before picking up his radio*

"Y'know, I had you figured for a smart one, albeit a little naive. Unfortunately, I was dead wrong. You think I'm not going to vet the shit out of every person who brings  me a vigilante? I'm pissed as fuck sure enough but am I a monster? Sure as hell not gonna kill anybody on a whim or the word of a stranger hungry for a backpack full of Heinz finest baked beans. Vengeance will be served on the right people, otherwise its not vengeance, its just good ol' fashioned murder..."

*He shakes his head in disgust at the mention of Dr Hope, looking down at his own handiwork embedded in his side, holding his insides on the inside*

"Dr Hope? I came to their camp... I was kicked out by Victor, my kneecap in tatters, all because I told him to ease up on another guy he was bullying... Hope? Camp Hope? Radio them? Maybe they can help Western but they sure as fucking shit can't help me... What a fucking joke..."

*Maxwell lashes his radio against the plastered wall, sending it spinning around the room before thudding against the beaten wooden floor. Sitting down, a saddened look creasing his face, he wonders whether or not he'll have many friends left after his... plan...*

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"I did not take you for stupid, but you also were not specifying much. Just killing anyone who got in your way. Huh, well Ive never seen their camp, just heard on the radio they were who to go to. Ive seen a doctor with chief before. What are you near? Maybe someone can help"

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*Maxwell sighs, he was just about to drift off into sleep when the radio woke him. Levering himself off of the beaten leather couch, he grudgingly picks up his radio and clears his throat*

"That's how it works now, I want something, you try to stop me from taking it, I'll kill you its as simple as that. I'm home, safe and healing, don't you have shit to do yourself? What's your name? If I see you I'll be sure to call you naive to your god damn face"

*Clicking his radio off, Maxwell returns to the couch, places the radio on the floor next to him and turns over on the sofa and once again attempts to drift off to sleep*

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Solace listens and shakes her head. She says to herself sarcastically without touching the radio: "yeah cause I can totally see you and that you got patched up apparently." Hearing more groans outside the tiny spot she was hiding in she held her gun tightly. This was not looking good, she could only hope that she could get out safely somehow. She flips the PTT

"Well excuse my for trying to be helpful. Mr needed a needle an thread, who is now yelling at me for trying to direct you to what I thought was help. Rest up an go have your vengence. I'm done. Got some conversations to end with bullets or sharp objects. My name means nothing to you, you don't know me. Doubt you ever will."

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