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To my friends from Kamensk (Open Freq)

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*Martin stumbled along the road, wondering where he was. Being lost for a long time, he finally knew where he was. As he searched through the buildings, he wound a battery which he plugged in to his radio, hoping it would work, which it did, he turned in to the one and only radio frequency he knew, and hoped for an answer*

This is Martin. Martin Jacobson. I hope you are out there my friends!

Willem, Willy Wonka? And little Kate?  Please respond! I need help. I am badly hurt. 

Please, please respond.

*Sitting down inside a kitchen, he drank a bit of water, hoping for the best, prepairing for the worst*

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*As Rabbit sits by his fire, he stares into the forest from his tent and picks up his radio and presses down the PTT*

"Last time I was at Kamenka your friends were running to the forest. I doubt you'll find any help there buddy."

*Rabbit releases the PTT and throws another log on the fire*

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*As Martin stood and admired the view, suddenly his radio sparked to life with sound. After hearing the message, he laughed to himself, and decided to respond*

Hahaha, well, you are correct. I didn't.

You know, a lot happens over four days, and I made my way all the way from Kamensk down to Chernogorsk, where I found a camp they called Indigo. Whilst I was standing there, asking people for my friends, guessed who showed up? My friends.

*Martin sighed*

I found my friends not to long ago, so I am all fine now. Thank you for the heads up though.

*Letting go of the PTT, Martin sat down, and ate one of the apples he had.*

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