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An Autumn Morning

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(My first story, I'm not best at writing story's but I thought  I would give it a try anyway  )

As I lay against this large oak with my rifle rested on my lap and my pack placed behind my head, I look out upon the blazing forests which spreads across this early morning horizon.

With the sun ever so slightly creeping up from behind infinite blanket of red leaves, the blaze of the sun and the glowing sky giving off the illusion of the burning forest into a believable fantasy, but with the current times a believable fantasy is something far from reachable, all there is reality. A cold and harsh reality.

As I stayed starring out into the distance, this view which I look upon may be he only thing that has beauty left within this crippling world, I am soon broken from this sense of happiness by the sounds of nearing gunshots, I take my rifle from my lap and sling my pack over my shoulder and I begin my journey down towards a small dilapidated town.

As I approached the town and passed the little sign which used to great people used to pass through, now it all greats us with is a couple dozen bullet holes. I don't tend to stay in this town very long as they can prove dangerous, big or small all town or major landmarks will attract attention for those who see them. Whilst I am looking through drawers and dressers of half burned house hoping to find anything that could of survived the blaze whilst looking around I could hear the gruntled mumbling of distressed man I could over hear some of the things he was saying, things such as.

"Why are speaking to me" "Get out get out get out" "Please stop .... I don't want to do this anymore".

I was contemplating if he was alone or with someone else but from what I could distinguish from his disturbing ramblings is that he had lost his mind and was taken over by himself and having the physical side of his become controlled by his more antagonistic side, I crawled towards window looking out upon the middle court yard of the town and there I could see him kneeled down his head in hands sobbing whilst arguing with himself. I wanted to help him but I know if I help him will return the favour in a different manner? I decided to wait and see what happens, I reach into my bag and pull out a half a side of binoculars and begin watching the crazed man.

After about 5 minutes of watching him, he was still knelt down in the dirt his head in his hands I though "fuck it, this guy is out of his mind he doesn't know what is real anymore ... damn lunatic" I grab my and start make my way down and out of the building towards the courtyard I bring my rifle round and grab it by the barrel. Within thinking twice I raise my rifle and swing it around cracking the stock and possible his skull.

Upon closer inspection of the crazed man is that his face which now is covered in a layer of his own blood, is that his face had no physical damage or scarring done something uncommon these days and even stranger for man of his mentality, his clothes on the other hand seems to be a white dress shirt covered in a light layer of dirt with patches of fresh and dried blood on it his trousers seemed to have been a pair of jeans with the left leg cut off exposing a wound which was very badly stitched, possibly fashioned it himself.

As I went through his pockets I found a variety of items found on him; A couple of bullet and old chocolate bar wrappers found in his trouser pockets, In his shirt I found a wallet with the picture heavily faded and the name "Daniel Veller" left visible on it.

I thought to myself "could this have been the name of the man I just murdered?" After checking the body I decided to head of out the town as I was probably best before I get the same as poor Daniel upon reaching the tree line i began thinking about the previous actions and i began to argue with my self "He wasn't a threat to anyone ... yes to only to himself ... and? ... that isn't your problem and why do i care" it began apparent to me that this could if been the way Daniel ended up crazy, by possibly  thinking over what he did and realising what he had done.

As I return back to my oak tree, I  set down my rifle and place my bag  on the ground I prepare my self for the next journey I take.

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Beanz given for trying. Let someone proof read your work before posting to get rid of the pesky typo's. From a not so experienced writer: "keep up the great work"

Thanks, I'll be sure to get someone to read it over next time I do one.

And to be fair I did right most of it around midnight-2am :)

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