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Doc Holiday

Teh Snoipeh's Attempt At A Lore Thread

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So, seeing as I enjoy writing lore and stuff, I thought I'd create a place to dump all of my longer stories here.

Please gimme feedback on what to improve and shit

Story 1 - Comatose - 2160 words of hell - Huge thanks to mah bbe Ryan for the whole Steam chat leading to this and to Kerkohoho and Grimmy for the help with spelling and shit.

The blizzard came rapidly. Within minutes the snow had covered most surfaces. Ryan ran for the house, deer over his shoulder. Despite his winter clothing, the cold froze his bones, and his teeth chattered along the way. At last, he saw it, the small green house he called home. He smiled to himself underneath his mask for he knew that it would be warm inside. He picked up the pace, reaching the house in a few minutes. He made sure the generator outside was off. Even though it may be small, it kept him alive. Ryan was thankful he had boarded up the windows; otherwise, his house would be filled with snow. He reached deep into his coat and pulled out his keys. 

"Thank God I replaced the door," he murmured to himself. Without hesitation, he placed the key in the lock. He started to turn the key before he realized with horror the door was ajar. He dropped the deer slowly onto the snow and reached into his pocket. This time he brought out his revolver and made sure it was loaded. He went to the door and pushed it open slowly. The door creaked with every inch, and after what lasted forever the door was open. Ryan stepped into the house slowly and closed the door behind himself before he began to look around. There were no signs of a struggle; everything was in the same place he left it. Despite being a small house, Ryan had tried to bring everything he would need to live out here; food, heat, water and of course the medical equipment to keep Elena alive. That was when he turned towards his wife's bed.

The gas lantern that Ryan left on was off, leaving a dark abyss in the corner. He raised his revolver towards the darkness and pulled back the hammer. "Hello Ryan...", said a voice from the darkness. It was one Ryan recognized, and one he hoped would never be in his house.

"Johnny?", Ryan stated cautiously, aiming his revolver towards the voice. He began to step slowly towards the corner, the floor creaking with every step Ryan took. "You better tell me who you are right fucking now pal...".

"Really Ryan, is that how you treat old friends?", came the voice from the corner, a hint of sarcasm in the man's voice. 

Ryan sighed before lowering the gun, "You son of a bitch." Despite lowering the gun Ryan still held it in his hand, ready to fire at any moment. Johnny chuckled to himself in the corner before reaching for the gas lantern. He flipped the switch quickly and almost immediately the room was engulfed in bright light.

Ryan laughed to himself for a moment, "What the fuck are you even doing here? This is meant to be my little sanctuary", he stated, with a mixture of fear and anger in his voice.

John looked at the gun in Ryan's hands before revealing nothing in his hands. "You can lower the weapon Ryan, I'm here alone," he muttered, gesturing towards the revolver in Ryan's hands.

"I'm not raising the gun dammit," Ryan said as he moved towards a chair in the opposite corner of the house. He moved the bench loudly before sitting down, a sigh of relief coming from his mouth. He placed the gun on the table in front of him and looked towards Johnny. "So, why are you here then?".

"Well, I thought we could address the little conversation we had earlier, the one concerning Damien," said John, a wicked smile appearing on his face.

"Makes sense, I guess...  so what do you want to, 'address' as it were?", demanded Ryan, a look of caution still on his face.

John began to stroke the comatose Elena on the face softly with his scarred left hand, feeling the smoothness of her cheek. He turned and looked Ryan dead in the eyes, "I thought I would tell you this personally," he said, emphasizing every word.

Ryan noticed instantly and without hesitation grabbed the gun and aimed it towards John, a look of clear conviction in his eyes. "The fuck are you doing?", he shouted, watching every move of John's hand.

"Well Ryan, you want me to torture a woman, one which isn't that much older than your esteemed wife over here", he stated, the wicked smile ever growing across his deformed face, "I mean Ryan let's be honest, this Emma girl will be lucky to end up looking like Elena here. Are you sure you can go through with this?".

"Get away from my wife, Johnny," stated Ryan, a clear sense of anger in his voice. John raised his hands in a sarcastic manner, imitating his surrender. "What makes you think I care about this bitch's age?", said Ryan, with no sense of morals in his voice.

"It's more if you get this woman, something tells me good ol' Damien might not be so pleased. Might try and do something stupid to Elena here, maybe even get Coldwater involved...", said John, pointing at Elena multiple times.

"Damien," he spat, "will be lucky to make it out of there alive Johnny. He won't be going anywhere near Elena".

John smiled wickedly again towards Ryan, "Well, what if I happened to run off and tell Damien about this. You think he would take it well? It wasn't that hard to find this place Ryan, you're rather easy to follow...".

Ryan glared daggers back at John, "I will slit your throat right here, right now Johnny. Why the fuck would you even tell Damien anyway? I thought you left the Pagans a long time ago, thought that you were done with your brothers...".

John laughed suddenly and looked towards his own feet, "Ryan, even though I abandoned the Pagans, I still have some loyalty, even if it is some tattered shreds."

"Well John, if that's the case, I'll treat you like one," said Ryan, before raising his revolver towards John's head. "Kill you, move house, continue hunting that bastard."

By that time John had already pointed his pistol towards Elena and cocked it. With his free hand, he pointed towards Ryan, a sense of hatred towards him. "Ryan, Ryan, Ryan..., are you trying to make me angry".

In response, Ryan gripped the handle of his revolver even tighter and moved his aim towards John's forehead. "You're the one threatening to fuck me over, buddy," he shouted.

"It's all hypothetical Ryan. I don't plan on killing you yet", said John, still with the pistol pointing towards Elena's head.

"You first mate," Ryan said as he gestured towards the gun in John's hand. John put the gun pack into his pocket and smiled towards Ryan. Ryan laid his gun down on the table besides him, making sure the safety was off. "Anyway, continue, I ain't got all day," Ryan said sarcastically.

"Well, this Emma chick was the Prez's personal property, if you know what I mean by property...". Ryan nodded and gestured for John to continue. "So there were some feelings between the two of 'em until we used her to lure little Scottie away from some of his buddies. That ended up with us strangling the little kid".

Ryan shook his head in anger, "So you're telling me if I get Emma, Damien might just go tell me to go fuck myself? Does he still like her or does she still like him? That's all I need to fucking know".

John paused and thought for a moment before answering. "Well here's the thing, after we beat little Scottie his friends showed up and took a bit of revenge as it were. Hell, I ended getting my arm broken 'cause of that bitch". Let me tell you that she sure as hell wasn't happy with him after that...". He sighed heavily before continuing, "But I ain't too sure whether or not they're back together. The last thing I heard from Ully is that they might have gone back. Hell, I could always get Ully to tell me, he owes me some favors".

"That shouldn't be necessary, 'might' works for me. That, and I don't exactly want them to get any hints that this is gonna happen", Ryan said, ruffling his hand through his hair. "We take her, and then I guess we'll find out." Ryan began to tap his revolver on the table, a sense of agitation in his actions. "So, anything else on your mind Johnny?"

John laughed to himself, "How about the fact that you've become a fucking hermit? What about poor Josh?" said John.

"I'm looking after my wife Johnny; Josh has enough people looking out for him anyway. I can't spend every moment of my time worrying about him", said Ryan, a stern look on his face.

John sighed before continuing, "Anyway, I might be able to lure this Emma chick away from the Pagans. From what I heard she seemed to like it a lot. But I'm not sure when I'd be able to get her, I got a busy schedule...." he trailed off, before rolling his sleeve up to look at his drawn on watch with the words, 'Hanging Time' in the center. "You know Ryan, time flies when you're having fun..."

Ryan looked towards John questionably before he spoke. "Well when this does happen, or when you do lure her way let me know, I've got another guy that I trust in on this. No-one else, though, but you should know him."

"Oh yeah, who is this little friend you got?" John said, his eyebrow raised in a strange look.

"Mack James. The ex-spy, he knows what he's doing in this situation and trust me, he ain't gonna judge us for taking an innocent woman", said Ryan.

At the mention of the name, John appeared to grow angry. The smile on his face disappeared, and his remaining eye seemed to stare directly into Ryan's soul. "You want me to work with that piece of shit," spat John. "I got a real problem working with that fucker."

Ryan looked cautiously towards the revolver on the table, making sure he was able to grab it in the case of any trouble. He leaned back on his chair before speaking. "Explain, what's the fucking problem? He's the only other man I trust with this shit...".

John stood up and removed the scarf from his neck. The word 'MOBIUS' was tattooed on John's  lower neck. "That's the fucking problem, Ryan. It ain't the little scar itself, it's the fact that I ain't even with the son of a bitch", John spat angrily.

"Johnny, this is the only other guy I trust with this. This is much bigger than the little tattoo on your neck" said Ryan. He stood up from his chair, staring back at John.

"Really? Fucking really? You're telling me that this is much bigger? Here you are, on a mission all about revenge, yet when it's mine it doesn't matter? You fucking hypocrite", shouted John, pulling the pistol back out of his pocket and pointing it towards Ryan. "You think you can do this without me? I drag myself all the way here for you to tell me you'll take a [Racist word] over me?".

Ryan moved his hands away from his revolver before raising them into the air. "Of course not, pal. Go on, give me another option. Why don't you lower that and we can talk like civilized men?", said Ryan, a smile spread across his face.

John lowered the gun and shook his head. "I'll fucking do it, but I don't want to see that fucker ever again afterwards. And I mean ever".

Ryan lowered his hands slowly and sat back down, resting his right hand back on the table with his revolver lying on it. "So, we got people, and we got a way to get her far from the Pagans. I think our business is concluded", said Ryan, gesturing towards the door. "Oh, and before you leave, if you break into my house again I will kill you."

John chuckled while heading towards the door. "Ryan, you'll never know whether I'm here or not..."

Ryan tapped the gun on the table. "Guess I'm moving house then...".

John opened the door slowly, the door still creaking on its old hinges. He stepped out onto the snow before turning around slowly. He took off his bag and rummaged through it before bringing out a medium sized container of saline solution bags. He threw the box towards Ryan before slinging the bag back across his shoulders.

Ryan looked at the box of saline, a smile across his face. "You son of a bitch. Cheers Johnny, I owe you...".

John laughed again before setting off down the road. "I know that already Ryan," he shouted. He waved goodbye over his shoulder and continued down the snow covered path, back to the center of Chernarus.

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Love it, well done.

Looking forward to more stories

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Good shit here Johnny <3

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Grimmy? Really? Johnny plz, y u do dis.

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When you see the Pagans are mentioned



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